After Mikie Sherrill’s strong performance and victory in tonight’s NJTV debate, the New Jersey Young Democrats issued the following statement:


“In tonight’s debate, Mikie Sherrill once again showed that she’s the only candidate in the 11th District race who will support the needs of New Jersey’s youth,” said Marshall Spevak, President of the New Jersey Young Democrats. “Her uncompromising commitment to combating the ever growing student debt crisis, preserving affordable healthcare, improving public education, fighting for LGBTQ rights, and ensuring good jobs for young people entering the workforce should reassure young voters that she will work for them in Congress. At a time when millennials make up a majority of people leaving New Jersey, we need new and fresh leadership who will work to make New Jersey a state where young people want to stay, work, and raise their families. New Jersey needs Mikie Sherrill in Congress.”


“Tonight, we were reminded of why young people cannot vote for Jay Webber, ” said Christina Zuk, Executive Vice President of the New Jersey Young Democrats. “He is dangerously out of touch with the values that are important to young voters — particularly women. He opposes a woman’s right to choose and he has voted against legislation requiring equal pay for equal work. His disturbing record on gun violence prevention stands in stark contrast to the activism and rallying cries from students on high school and college campuses across the country. He has even said that he wants to repeal the ACA, which could leave thousands of young adults without healthcare. It’s crystal clear that Mikie Sherrill is the only candidate in District 11 who truly cares about issues facing young voters today.”




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