Norcross Statement on Articles of Impeachment

Congressman Donald Norcross, who serves on the United States House Committee on Education and Labor, offered his support for the Raise the Wage Act. Democrats argue that passage of the act will increase the national minimum wage, which will lift people out of poverty and stimulate the economy.

Norcross Statement on Articles of Impeachment


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Donald Norcross (NJ-01) released the following statement announcing his intentions to vote in favor of articles of impeachment this week:


“This is a time of grave concern for all Americans. Over two years ago, I was one of the first Members of Congress to vote to advance an impeachment inquiry. Since then, I have withheld final judgement as I reviewed the facts and heard testimony from each witness.


“I believe there is overwhelming evidence to conclude well beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump is guilty of both articles of impeachment – Article I: Abuse of Power and Article II: Obstruction of Congress. Therefore, I will uphold my oath to protect and defend the Constitution and vote in favor of both articles of impeachment.


“It is our solemn duty to defend our democracy, because in America, no one is above the law.”


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