North Arlington Democrats endorse Andy Kim for US Senate

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NORTH ARLINGTON – The twenty-member Democratic Municipal Committee of North Arlington unanimously endorsed United States Representative Andy Kim (D-3) for the United States Senate at their monthly meeting held Tuesday evening at the Arlington Diner, North Arlington.
North Arlington, one of the most “purple” of municipalities in all of New Jersey has served for decades as a bell-weather, swing, political community.
In 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain squeezed past Barack Obama while Obama edged out Mitt Romney in 2012. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 and lost to Joe Biden in 2020.
“If Andy Kim prevails in North Arlington, he will be our next US Senator,” proclaimed council candidate John Balwierczak, seeking to become the first Democrat to serve on the local governing body in five years along with his running-mate John Yampaglia.
NA Democrats initially supported First Lady Tammy Murphy for the nomination before her withdrawal from the race several weeks ago, but now are enthusiastically behind the Kim candidacy.
North Arlington is the southernmost municipality in Bergen County, bordering Belleville of Essex County to the west, Kearny of Hudson County to the south and Lyndhurst of Bergen County to the north.
North Arlington is part of a collection of municipalities that makeup the Meadowlands.
Democrats fully expect Kim to retain this senate seat as Democrats have not lost a race for the world’s most deliberative body since 1972 when Republican Clifford Case defeated Paul Krebs, the last Democrat to lose a US Senate race here in the Garden State.
“Andy Kim is a blue-collar candidate that represents the lunchbox values of North Arlington. We look forward to providing Rep. Kim with a margin of victory here in NA and the rest of South Bergen County,” offered the Democratic council hopefuls who will be running in the June Primary under the slogan, Bergen County Democratic Committee with the Congressman.
For more information about the North Arlington Democratic Committee, visit them online at

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