NOW LAW: Corrado Bill Adding Mental Health Education to NJ School Curriculum 

NOW LAW: Corrado Bill Adding Mental Health Education to NJ School Curriculum

Senator Kristin Corrado’s (R-40) bipartisan legislation to incorporate mental health education into New Jersey public school’s health class curriculum has been signed into law.

“Empowering students to recognize the warning signs of mental illness, and knowing how to ask for help, will ensure more kids have access to the support and treatment they need sooner, rather than later,” Corrado said. “I strongly believe that educating kids about the significance of mental health will break the stigma and save lives.”

Senator Corrado’s legislation, S-2861, would require all public elementary, middle, and high school health classes in New Jersey incorporate mental health education into the curriculum.

Studies show that 50 percent of mental health issues begin to show their signs at the age of 14. Data suggests that early treatment of mental illness leads to better outcomes.

New Jersey would be the second state in the nation to enact this program throughout K-12 schools. The State of New York was the first to mandate mental health education in all public schools.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health. Adolescence can be a confusing and stressful time. We need to make sure teens are comfortable asking for support,” Corrado added. “The enactment of this legislation will play a critical role in breaking the stigma of mental illness in schools, helping our children to grow and mature into successful young women and men.”

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