October Poll Shows Morris Freeholder Race is in a Statistical Dead Heat


An October 1st poll revealed that Democratic Freeholder candidates Mary Dougherty, Rupande Mehta and Richard Corcoran are within a statistical dead heat of their Republican opponents. The poll shows Mary is within 1 point and Rupande and Richard are within 3 points of winning. In a historically red county, this is indicative of the strength of the candidates.
Mary, Rupande, and Rich have worked tirelessly to earn the votes of Morris County residents since they came together as a team in January. These results validate all of the hard work being done through their fundraising and canvassing efforts, said Meghan Lynch, Team Morris Campaign Manager.

The results of this poll is the culmination of all of our hard work over the past several years, said Democratic County Chairman Chip Robinson, a Morris County is turning blue, and we are now within striking distance of making this change at the county level. Mary, Rupande and Rich are exceptional candidates, and we will spend the next 30 days working to help them close the gap.

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