Official Statement from Will Cunningham on Jeff Van Drew’s Recent Statements​

Official Statement from Will Cunningham on Jeff Van Drew’s Recent Statements​


Our nation is in mourning right now. We are living in a historic time when the masses are collectively crying out against rampant injustice in our society that has existed for too long. Together, we are making a difference and fighting for what is truly just and equitable for all. Congressman Jeff Van Drew, however, fails to even recognize the pain and sorrow we are feeling in this moment through his recent statements.

Congressman Van Drew’s overt dissonance and tone-deafness to the overwhelming protests and calls for justice across the nation demonstrate that his leadership style is the sheer absence of leadership in the first place. Our elected leaders need to fight for the betterment of society on a grassroots level and engage as many stakeholders as possible in order to create transformative change. I say this to Congressman Van Drew, your silence sends a booming message to the people of South Jersey. We cannot stand for elected officials that evade the tough issues and do not stand up for basic human rights and decency.

JVTD…Jeff Van Tone Deaf. Black people are dying and Congressman Jeff Van Drew emails South Jersey with no mention of this fact. Our cities are rallying, and mourning, and grieving, but Mr. “Undying Support” can’t issue a statement about #GeorgeFloyd and police brutality. I have fought my entire life to give a voice to the voiceless, and Congressman Van Drew’s silence is a telling sign of the disconnect between his office and his constituents here in South Jersey. We deserve a representative that will fight every single day in the best interests of our communities.

In this trying time, we must all stand together for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless black lives that have been stolen from us due to a system that entrenches racism in every segment of society. The leadership we need right now is evidently not coming from elected leaders like Jeff Van Drew, so let us show solidarity as South Jerseyans and collectively hope and work for a better future. I’ve said it since 2018, and I’ll say it again, Jeff Van Drew does not represent South Jersey, its families, its values, nor its great potential. We need a change in the White House and in NJ-2. We have an opportunity to get it right this time. Let’s light the way together!


Will Cunningham is a South Jersey native running to be the Democratic nominee in the July 7, 2020 primary to challenge party-switcher Jeff Van Drew in November.Cunningham’s investigations on the House Oversight Committee resulted in the firing of the CEO of e-cigarette company JUUL for marketing to children, student loan relief from predatory for-profit colleges Betsy DeVos protects, and the removal of Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based baby powder from the North American market.

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