O’Scanlon Applauds Governor’s Approval of Hemp Industry Pilot Program 

O’Scanlon Applauds Governor’s Approval of Hemp Industry Pilot Program

Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth) applauded Governor Phil Murphy’s signing of legislation that establishes a pilot program to study the cultivation of industrial hemp, licensing growers and distributors.

“It’s time for New Jersey to put its finger on the pulse of the hemp industry,” O’Scanlon, an original sponsor of the legislation, said. “This pilot program is a win for local farmers who need a diversity of opportunities to compete in the global agriculture market. Hemp is growing in value as a cash crop, and I am sure the New Jersey economy, and our farmers will benefit from this pilot program. We are the Garden State.”

The law, A1330, directs the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to establish an industrial hemp agricultural pilot program. The program would research the cultivation of hemp crops to the maximum extent permitted by federal law.

38 other states have already implemented similar pilot programs.

Industrial hemp is used in a wide range of products including textiles, construction materials, and foodstuffs.

Although industrial hemp and marijuana may look the same, it is not possible to get a chemical high from industrial hemp.

“Smart steps are needed for New Jersey to stay competitive in the rapidly-growing industrial hemp industry,” O’Scanlon said. “Hemp has long-been misunderstood. The people who believe you can get high off industrial hemp are just dead wrong – or maybe even high.

“Our bipartisan effort to establish a hemp program moves the Garden State to a more sustainable future for both our agriculture industry and our state economy. If money can be made, we should do the legwork to ensure New Jersey can benefit.”

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