PAM’s List Endorsed 2023 Candidates

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

PAM’s List Endorsed 2023 Candidates


(TRENTON) –   PAM’s List (Power and Money) is thrilled to announce our official endorsement of a remarkable slate of Democratic pro-choice women candidates for the upcoming 2023 election. These candidates have demonstrated commitment to women’s rights, and we believe they are the best choice to represent our values and advocate for the reproductive freedoms of New Jersey residents.  In a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, it is crucial to elect leaders dedicated to protecting and expanding reproductive rights.

“The endorsed candidates have proven track records and have articulated clear, forward-thinking visions. We are proud to endorse them and financially support their campaigns. PAM’s List stands firmly behind candidates who champion policies that support women’s autonomy, healthcare, and economic empowerment,” said Catherine Tung, Endorsement Chair. Kay LiCausi & Paulina Banasiak, Co-Chairs, emphasized, “We trust that, if elected, the endorsed candidates will advocate for expanding access to comprehensive healthcare services, including reproductive care, safeguarding Roe v. Wade, and defending the constitutional right to choose. We believe together we can pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all.”

For further information on the endorsed candidates and PAM’s List involvement in the 2023 election, please visit our website,, or contact Co-Chairs Kay LiCausi & Paulina Banasiak and Endorsement Chair Catherine Tung.

PAM’s List (Power and Money) is a New Jersey women’s political action committee founded in 1993 by a group of women looking to raise money to elect pro-choice Democratic women to the state legislature. We are proud to celebrate our 30th Anniversary by expanding our mission beyond the Legislature to include county and mayoral offices.  PAM’s List dedicates its efforts to advancing the voices of women in our State.



State Senate State Assembly
●        Caren Fitzpatrick

(2nd District)

●        Nilsa Cruz-Perez*
(5th District)

●        Lucille LoSapio
(13th District)

●        Linda Greenstein*
(14th District)

●        Shirley Turner*
(15th District)

●        Christine Clarke
(25th District)

●        Joan Waks
(26th District)

●        Renee C. Burgess*
(28th District)

●        M. Teresa Ruiz*
(29th District)

●        Angela McKnight
(31st District)

●        Britnee Timberlake
(34th District)

●        Nelida “Nellie” Pou*
(35th District)

●        Jodi Murphy
(39th District)

●        Jennifer Ehrentraut
(40th District)





*(Denotes Incumbent)

●        Damita White-Morris
(1st District)

●        Pamela Lampitt*
(6th District)

●        Carol Murphy*
(7th District)

●        Andrea Katz
(8th District)

●        Sarah “Sally” Collins
(9th District)

●        Emma Mammano
(10th District)

●        Margie Donlon
(11th District)

●        Luanne Peterpaul
(11th District)

●        Raya Arbiol
(12th District)

●        Danielle Mastropiero
(13th District)

●        Tennille McCoy
(14th District)

●        Verlina Reynolds-Jackson*
(15th District)

●        Mitchelle Drulis
(16th District)

●        Yvonne Lopez*
(19th District)

●        Annette Quijano*
(20th District)

●        Elizabeth Graner
(21st District)

●        Linda Carter*
(22nd District)

●        Baramdai “Alicia” Sharma
(24th District)

●        Diane Salvatore
(25th District)

●        Alixon Collazos-Gill
(27th District)

●        Rosy Bagolie
(27th District)

●        Cleopatra Tucker*
(28th District)

●        Garnet Hall
(28th District)

●        Eliana Pintor Marin*
(29th District)

●        Shanique Speight*
(29th District)

●        Barbara McCann Stamato
(31st District)

●        Jessica Ramirez
(32nd District)

●        Carmen Morales
(34th District)

●        Shavonda Sumter*
(35th District)

●        Shama Haider*
(37th District)

●        Ellen Park*
(37th District)

●        Lisa Swain*
(38th District)

●        Giovanna Irizarry
(40th District)

●        Jennifer Marrinan
(40th District)



County and Local
●        Kim O’Brien
(Commissioner – Atlantic County)

●        Morgan Slaughter
(Mayor – Somers Point)

●        Marie D Lawrence

(Mayor – Winslow)

●        Mary Ellen Murphy
(Mayor – Bogota)

●        Kristine Morieko*
(Mayor – Glen Rock)

●        Elizabeth Gloeggler
(Mayor – Montvale)

●        Nancy Gross
(Mayor – Woodcliff Lake)

●        Joanne Schwartz*
(Burlington County Clerk)

●        BettyAnn Cowling-Carson*
(Mayor – Magnolia)

●        Patricia O’Connor
(Commissioner – Cape May County)

●        Beverly McCall
(Surrogate – Cape May County)

●        Joeigh Perella
(Commissioner – Cumberland County)

●        Leslie Koppel*
(Commissioner – Middlesex County)

●        Elsie Foster*
(Mayor – Highland Park)

●        Tyshammie Cooper*
(Commissioner – Essex County)

●        Romaine Graham*
(Commissioner – Essex County)

●        Patricia Sebold*
(Commissioner – Essex County)

●        A’Dorian Murray Thomas
(Commissioner – Essex County)





*(Denotes Incumbent)

●        Janice Kovach*
(Mayor – Clinton)

●        Jill DeCaro

(Mayor – Old Bridge)

●        Dina Grilo*
(Mayor – East Newark)

●        Lucylle Walter
(Commissioner – Mercer)

●        Alison DeNoia
(Commissioner – Monmouth)

●        Lori Hohenleitner
(Mayor – Atlantic Highlands)

●        Rachel McGreevy
(Mayor – Neptune City)

●        Marie DeVenezia
(Mayor – Boonton)

●        Carolyn Dempsey
(Mayor – Chatham Borough)

●        Melissa Brown Blaeuer
(Mayor – West Milford)

●        Marie DeVenezia

(Mayor – Boonton)

●        Roberta Walters
(Mayor – Manville)

●        Damaris Lira
(Commissioner – Sussex County)

●        Lourdes Leon*
(Commissioner – Union County)

●        Fanny Cedeño*
(Commissioner – Hudson County)

●        Linda Karlovitch*
(Mayor – Kenilworth)

●        Colleen Mahr*
(Mayor – Fanwood)

●        Elizabeth Gittins
(Commissioner – Warren County)




The Women of PAM’s List:

Kay LiCausi and Paulina Banasiak, Co-Chairs
Catherine Tung, Endorsement Chair
Susan Bass Levin, T. Missy Balmir, Shadaya Bennett, Iris Delgado, Maureen Doherty (Treasurer), Casey Haddox, Maggie Moran, Tricia Mueller, Joanne Rajoppi, Alma Saravia, Safanya Searcy, Sarah Seaboldt, Hira Shaikh, Jennifer Taylor, Katie Wertheimer, and Christina Zuk

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