PAM’s List Endorses 2017 Legislative Candidates

PAM’s List Endorses 2017 Legislative Candidates

(TRENTON)—PAM’s List, a New Jersey women’s political action committee focuses on electing pro-choice Democratic women to the Legislature, today announced their endorsements for the 2015 legislative campaign. The group contributed $27,500 to these candidates, making a strong statement that women will financially support women’s candidates.

“This year’s legislative elections post a great opportunity for the people of the State of New Jersey to make a strong statement that we need more pro-choice Democratic women elected to our Legislature,” said Karen Kominsky, co-chair of PAM’s List.

“These candidates set an example that is so important to those of us dedicated to the goals of PAM’s List,” said Pam’s List Co-Chair Kay LiCausi. “This year we targeted our resources towards the Democratic women running in non-targeted districts. We are sending the message that if you step up to run for office in a tough race, women will have your back.”

The 2017 endorsed candidates include: • Gabriela Mosquera (4th District Assembly) * • Patricia Egan-Jones (5th District Assembly)* • Nilsa Cruz-Perez (5th District Senate) * • Pamela Lampitt (6th District Assembly) * • Carol Murphy (7th District Assembly) • Joanne Schwartz (8th District Assembly) • Maryann Merlino (8th District Assembly) • Jill Dobrowansky (9th District Assembly) • Emma Mammamo (10th District Senate) • Joann Downey (11th District Assembly)* • Mariel Didato (13th District Assembly) • Linda Greenstein (14th District Senate)* • Elizabeth Muoio (15th District Assembly) * • Shirley Turner (15th District Senate)* • Laura Poppe (16th District Senate) • Nancy Pinkin (18th District Assembly) * • Yvonne Lopez (19th District Assembly)
• Annette Quijano (20th District Assembly) * • Lacey Rzeszowski (21st District Assembly) • Jill Lazare (21st District Senate) • Laura Shaw (23rd District Assembly) • Christine Lui Chen (23rd District Senate) • Kate Matteson (24th District Assembly) • Gina Trish (24th District Assembly) • Jennifer Hamilton (24th District Senate) • Lisa Bhimani (25th District Senate) • Mila Jasey (27th District Assembly) * • Cleopatra Tucker (28th District Assembly) * • Eliana Pintor Marin (29th District Assembly) * • Shanique Speight (29th District Assembly) • Teresa Ruiz (29th District Assembly)* • Amy Cores (30th District Senate) • Angela McKnight (31st District Assembly)* • Sandra Cunningham (31st District Senate)* • Angelica Jimenez (32nd District Assembly) * • Annette Chaparro (33rd District Assembly)* • Sheila Oliver (34th District Assembly) * • Nia Gill (34th District Senate)* • Shavonda Sumter (35th District Assembly) * • Nellie Pou (35th District Senate)* • Marlene Caride (36th District Assembly) * • Valerie Vainieri Huttle (37th District Assembly) * • Loretta Weinberg (37th District Senate)* • Jannie Chung (39th District Assembly) • Annie Hausman (39th District Assembly) • Linda Schwager (39th District Senate) • Christine Ordway (40th District Assembly)

(*) Denotes Incumbent

PAM’s List (Power and Money) is a continuing political committee founded in 1993 to raise money to elect pro-choice Democratic women to the State Legislature. PAM’s List Board: Karen Kominsky and Kay LiCausi, Co-Chairs. Susan Bass Levin, Alixon Collazos, Mary Campbell Cruz, Sonia Das, Michellene Davis, Sonia Delgado, Maureen Doherty, Kathy Ellis, Zulima Farber, Kelly Stewart Maer, Maggie Moran, Tricia Mueller, Joanne Rajoppi, Donna Marie Robinson Taylor, Alma Saravia, Safanya Searcy, Christine Stearns, Jennifer Taylor and Christina Zu

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