Pascrell Lauds New American Aid to Ukraine Heroes

Pascrell Lauds New American Aid to Ukraine Heroes

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09), representing one of the largest Ukrainian American communities in the United States, today praised the announcement by President Biden, German Chancellor Scholz, and other governments that they will send a massive package of new military and economic support to Ukraine to aid its soldiers in expelling the murderous Russian invaders.


“For the last year, the Ukrainian people have been fighting for their very survival,” said Rep. Pascrell. “Russia is pursuing a war of extermination against Ukraine. Russians are butchering women and children, destroying cities, and seeking nothing less than the very extinguishment of Ukraine as a nation-state. Against all odds, Ukraine has fought back and is winning. But Ukraine can only expel the invaders with the full, unremitting help of the civilized world. I have long supported military aid to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. We must arm Ukraine with the weapons it needs to ensure Ukrainian victory and save countless innocent lives.


“I thank President Biden for convincing the German government and our allies around the world to do the right thing today. President Biden’s international leadership, particularly during the crisis in Ukraine, has been outstanding. Emerging from the catastrophic tenure of his predecessor, President Biden has resuscitated American leadership and united the world in defense of democracy. Today America again leads the Arsenal of Democracy.”

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