Pascrell Praises Biden Boom First Year


Pascrell Praises Biden Boom First Year

Applauds work and calls for greater congressional and administration urgency to meet Americans’ growing anxieties

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today reacted to President Joe Biden’s press conference marking one year in the White House.

“One year of united Democratic government has produced some great victories for the country,” said Rep. Pascrell. “Unemployment is down, jobs are growing, and wages are rising. These results are the product of decisive action by President Biden and the Democratic Congress. And we have done this work alone. You can summarize Republican leaders’ contribution the last year in two words: we adjourn. The Republican Party is dedicated to prolonging the misery of the pandemic as a road back into power. President Biden said it best: the GOP stands for nothing. They have proven themselves utterly unfit to govern the United States.

“But not everything is peaches and cream. Americans are filled with anxiety – and for good reason. Car lots are empty, grocery shelves are unfilled, inflation is untamed, health care is unaffordable, child tax credits are lapsing, and voting rights are under assault. It is up to us in Congress and the Biden White House to help Americans meet these problems. Nothing is decided. Americans demand urgency. Democrats can and we must put our best foot forward.”

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