Pastors: ‘Bob Hugin Has Absolutely Zero History of Supporting NJ’s People of Color’

Pastors: ‘Bob Hugin Has Absolutely Zero History of Supporting NJ’s People of Color’


New Brunswick, NJ – Several leading New Jersey African-American pastors released the following statement:

“The choice this November could not be clearer.  Senator Bob Menendez has always been an exceptional advocate for our community in Washington, D.C.  Between being among the most effective senators in Congress and one of the most progressive, we are thrilled to have such a friend representing New Jersey.  Just look at his accomplishments.  He successfully fought for the Affordable Care Act, he secured billions of dollars for health centers and hospitals in New Jersey’s cities, and he has always been a key leader for gun safety.  And, as a former mayor, Senator Menendez understands firsthand the needs of our community and has continually fought for federal policies and resources to help create new economic development and opportunities in our urban centers.

“Bob Hugin has absolutely zero history of supporting New Jersey’s people of color, but he does have a long record of supporting Donald Trump and Chris Christie.  Hugin cares as much about the black community as Donald Trump, and will just be a shill for Trump’s racist policies.  He spent over $200,000 to get Trump elected and supports his judicial nominees who are already rolling back hard-fought civil rights victories we have pursued for generations. Electing Bob Hugin will only hasten Trump’s anti-black agenda.

“While Bob Hugin made a fortune taking advantage of the suffering by doubling the price of their cancer medication and paid $280 million to settle allegations he put patients at risk to boost sales, Bob Menendez has been lending his voice to society’s most vulnerable.  Nobody should doubt our rock-solid relationship with Senator Menendez. And nobody should doubt that New Jersey’s strong and vibrant African-American community will show up at historic levels on Election Day to send Bob Menendez back to Washington to keep fighting for us.”

Rev. Joseph A. Carter

Rev. Dr. Kenneth D.R. Clayton

Rev. Fondra L. Lewis

Rev. Louise Rountree

Rev. Dr. Kenneth H. Saunders

Rev. Dr. Ronald L. Slaughter

Rev. Janel York

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