Patricia Campos Medina Statement on Tammy Murphy dropping out of Senate Race

March 24th, 2024: Califon NJ



I was surprised to hear today that Tammy Murphy has suspended her US Senate race for New Jersey. I understand how hard it is to be a woman on NJ politics and wish her well.


I plan to continue my campaign and tomorrow I will file my signatures to appear on the ballot.


I challenge all candidates to discuss and debate issues. NJ voters are tired of attach politics and deserve to know where candidates stand on real issues that affect them like affordability and their freedoms.


My positions have always been and continue to be clear. I will vote for Medicare For All, affordable housing, with President Biden on student debt relief, and will always stand for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.


For 30 years, I have fought for union labor and will continue to fight for increasing the federal minimum wage and protecting workers’ rights and women’s right to reproductive healthcare.


I look forward to taking my message directly to voters who demand a voice and a choice.


For more information on my campaign visit



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