Says Cumberland Needs Bold Leaders


(BRIDGETON, NJ) – Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency and his running mates Donna M. Pearson and Tracy Wells-Huggins today announced the endorsement of PBA Local 231 for their campaign for freeholder.


“Jack Surrency, Donna Pearson and Tracey Wells-Huggins have the full backing and support of the men and women of PBA Local 231,” said Victor Bermudez, president. “They understand our issues, can articulate our needs, and have the fire and passion that’s needed to fix the systematic flaws in the county jail.”


Bermudez, who serves as president of PBA Local 231, represents approximately 132 correctional police officers that work in the Cumberland County Jail. For the past year, Bermudez has been fighting with the county for a fair contract, workplace protections, and answers on how COVID is being handled within the jail.


“For us, this is a great honor and we do not take this endorsement lightly,” said Freeholder Jack Surrency (D-Bridgeton). “Our correctional police officers are on the front lines of county government, fighting for us everyday during a pandemic. They’re heroes.”


“The support of PBA Local 231 tells us something: we’re fighting the right fights and we’re doing it for the right reasons,” said Donna M. Pearson, a former freeholder.


“PBA Local 231 represents working class men and women of Cumberland County” said Tracy Wells-Huggins, a Registered Nurse and juvenile justice advocate. “We’re proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in this campaign.”


“This team’s energy, ideas for change, and bold leadership style is exactly what Cumberland County needs at this very moment,” said Bermudez. “We need to rally behind them.”

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