PCCC Endorses First Round of 2020 Congressional Candidates

Arati Kreibich announced her candidacy for NJ's 5th Congressional District, currently represented by U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer. Kreibich is a neuroscientist and freshman councilwoman from the Bergen County borough of Glen Rock.

PCCC Endorses First Round of 2020 Congressional Candidates

Kara Eastman (NE-2), JD Scholten (IA-4), Dana Balter (NY-24), Jessica Cisneros (TX-28), Arati Kreibich (NJ-5), Morgan Harper (OH-3), Marie Newman (IL-3), Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45), and Rep. Mike Levin (CA-49) Are Bold Progressives Running in Key States for 2020.

Today, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee proudly endorses nine bold progressives for Congress. This is the first round of congressional endorsements by the PCCC for the 2020 cycle.

Quote about the endorsements from PCCC co-founder Stephanie Taylor:

“Tonight’s competitive elections in red and purple states show that we have the wind at our backs. We’re utilizing this big Election Night to say we must do three things down ballot in 2020: Keep seats we flipped in 2020, flip more red seats, and prepare for a progressive presidency by replacing conservative Democrats in blue districts with more bold progressives.”

More About the Candidates:

Flip these seats blue!

Kara Eastman (NE-2) is a bold progressive hero who came 1 point away in 2018 from defeating a Repubican incumbent in Nebraska without any real help from the DCCC. She received nearly $300,000 in support from PCCC members and attended our national training! She’s running on Medicare For All and decided to run for Congress when her mom had cancer and had to pay $2,500 per pill. Kara’s proving you can run ANYWHERE on a bold progressive message and win.

Eastman on PCCC’s Endorsement: “I am honored to be endorsed this cycle by the PCCC. PCCC is a million-member grassroots organization building power at the local, state, and federal levels, and this is perfectly aligned with my own grassroots campaign. I look forward to partnering with PCCC both during the election and after we get to DC.

JD Scholten (IA-4) is a populist former baseball player who came 3 points from defeating white nationalist Congressman Steve King in 2018! J.D. says “a Green New Deal to pursue environmental justice, create jobs, improve infrastructure, and combat climate change must bring rural communities to the decision-making table and address Big Ag monopolies that are squeezing out small and family farmers.” He tells supporters, “If you’re lucky enough to be in the 1%, this government is working for you” and that America must move toward a goal of Medicare For All, ensuring that all Americans have comprehensive, affordable, and quality health care coverage.

Scholten on PCCC’s endorsement: “As I drive Sioux City Sue across Iowa’s 4th district to meet with and listen to folks, I consistently hear about how our country doesn’t work for working people,” said J.D. Scholten. “Health care is unaffordable and inaccessible, people are working multiple jobs to get by, and students are graduating with oppressive debt that takes decades to pay off. It’s long overdue to fight back against the 1% and corporations that dictate our democracy. I’m proud to earn the endorsement of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and I look forward to working together to ensure that Iowa families have a health care system, an economy, and a government that works for them.

Dana Balter (NY-24) is a bold progressive champion who is fighting for a fair shot at success for everyone — that means getting to Medicare for All; an economy that works for working families; and a political system free from the influence of big money. In one of the last two Republican-held Hillary Clinton districts, Dana is just 2 1/2 points away from defeating the incumbent who is a rubber stamp for Donald Trump, making this a top pick-up opportunity in the country.

Balter on PCCC’s endorsement: “We deserve an economy, a political system, a country that works for everyone instead of just a powerful few. That’s why I won’t stop fighting until the minimum wage is a living wage, we have Medicare for All, and we rid our politics of the influence of big money. I’m running against a man who is more interested in acting like Donald Trump’s defense attorney than representing the needs of our district. That’s why–together with the PCCC–we’re going to make this his last term.

A real progressive should be in these blue seats!

Jessica Cisneros (TX-28) is a bold progressive recruited by Justice Democrats. Jessica is an immigration and human rights attorney who grew up in the border town of Laredo, TX. As an attorney, she specialized in representing people in immigration court as they faced deportation proceedings while detained. She’s running in a very blue district against Congressman Henry Cuellar, known as “Trump’s favorite Democrat.” Cuellar has an A-rating from the NRA, consistently votes with big corporations, and was one of the last Dems in Congress to support impeachment. Jess is a community leader who supports Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, and other progressive priorities.

Cisneros on PCCC’s Endorsement: “I’m honored to be supported by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and look forward to working with other PCCC-endorsed candidates in Congress to deliver results that will improve the lives of working people in South Texas. When I talk to my own family, our community members, and our neighbors, they all understand that Medicare for All will guarantee affordable, accessible health care. They know that debt-free college will make the opportunities I had — a college degree and the opportunity to become an attorney — a reality for many more young people in South Texas.

Arati Kreibich (NJ-5) is challenging one of AOC’s top antagonists in the Democratic Caucus, corporate conservative Josh Gottheimer. Gottheimer organized other conservative Democrats to kill attempts to end child cages at the border — an absurd position for someone representing a suburb of New York. He is funded by Wall Street and votes their way. Arati won election as a progressive City Councilwoman, attended our candidate training, and is fighting for Medicare For All, Green New Deal and challenging big-money special interests.

Kreibich on PCCC’s Endorsement: “I am running for Congress because NJ5 deserves a representative who fights for our healthcare, financial security and our planet’s future, without seeking permission from corporate donors. I am so honored to be endorsed by PCCC who has helped to elect inspiring Bold Progressives like Sen Elizabeth Warren, Rep Andy Kim and Rep Katie Porter. I’m ready to build on the progressive change PCCC is fighting for!

Morgan Harper (OH-3) was a senior adviser at Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The NY Times reports “there are similarities between Ms. Harper, 36, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York” as she campaigns against “economic segregation.” Last quarter, Morgan raised a whopping $333,000 in grassroots donations — $80,000 more than the incumbent who accused Morgan of raising “false hope” by backing Medicare For All and the Green New Deal.

Harper on PCCC’s endorsement: “I am truly honored to be endorsed by the PCCC—an organization that I have followed and relied on in crafting my bold policy agenda as a candidate to represent the people of OH-3. I look forward to working with all of PCCC’s candidates to truly drive the change this country needs.

Marie Newman (IL-3) is running on Medicare For All, equal rights, and building an economy that works for everyone. She is running against pro-corporate, anti-choice, anti-LGTBQ rights “Democratic” Congressman Dan Lipinski in a deep blue district Clinton won by 15 points. Dan Lipinski inherited this seat from his father and then voted against Obamacare, voted to deregulate Wall Street, chairs the Pro-Life Caucus, and was the only Democrat in Congress to oppose an LGBTQ equality bill. Marie is running on Medicare For All, reproductive rights, and equal rights. Thousands of PCCC members donated to her last cycle when she came about 1% away from defeating Lipinski — and over 2,000 have already donated to help her finish the job.

Newman on PCCC’s endorsement: “With over a million grassroots members across the country, the PCCC is the true embodiment of the power that we can wield when we stand together and fight for change. With the support of the PCCC, we are one step closer to bringing real progressive leadership to Congress in Illinois 3rd District.

Bold progressives flipped these seats — keep them blue!

Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45) and Rep. Mike Levin (CA-49) both flipped red seats to blue in 2018 by running on a bold, progressive agenda. We worked alongside both in their 2018 campaigns, and are proud to endorse them once again for 2020.

More About the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

  • The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is a grassroots, progressive organization that endorses a select number of candidates each cycle. For top endorsed campaigns, the PCCC provides in-depth strategic support and resources — including mobilizing a million PCCC members to donate and volunteer.

  • Since its founding in 2009, the PCCC has raised over $29 million for progressive candidates and committees — including over $1.17 million from over 70,000 small-dollar donations for Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate run.

  • The PCCC has over 1 million members nationwide, including 85,000 in California, 44,000 in New York, 25,000 in Texas, 22,000 in Illinois, 16,000 in New Jersey, 15,000 in Ohio, 4,000 in IA, and 2,000 in Nebraska.
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