Pennacchio Decries Violence in Nation’s Capital

Pennacchio Decries Violence in Nation’s Capital

Senator Joe Pennacchio issued the following statement after protests in Washington, D.C. turned violent:

“America began the day with countless numbers of unsung heroes. Moms and dads struggling to feed and educate their children. First responders protecting and insuring the health and safety of all our citizens. Soldiers in too many distant lands protecting them and all of us from those who would cause harm.

“Not counted among these unsung heroes are those who took it upon themselves to storm and disrupt our Democratic process at the Capital. Frustrations no matter how hot should never be a justification for violating and harming others.

“If we are to be worthy of keeping this Democratic experiment given to us by our founding fathers, then we must be tolerant and occasionally accepting of each other’s differences.”

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