Perth Amboy Dem Chair Caba Endorses Cory Booker for President

Cory Booker

Perth Amboy Dem Chair Caba Endorses Cory Booker for President

In a show of pride, strength and party unity, many New Jersey Democratic officials have announced their endorsements of U.S. Senator Cory Booker for president.

Unfortunately, Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz does it again, and makes a divisive decision to endorse U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. This is no disrespect to Sanders, Warren, Biden, Harris, etc.; however Booker is our home state champion who is a fighter for working families. He is always there for the State of New Jersey and for the City of Perth Amboy. That is why I am still flabbergasted by Mayor Diaz’s endorsement.

Mayor Diaz is no stranger to controversy, and her erratic behavior tends to ruffle people’s feathers.  This includes 13 Perth Amboy former and current council members (5 who ran on her ticket), the Perth Amboy Democratic Organization and the Middlesex County Democratic Organization.

In the 2019 primary election she supported 40 candidates against our Perth Amboy Democratic line.  Thankfully, her 40 candidates lost and she was not successful in taking over the Perth Amboy Democratic Organization.

It’s actions such as these that not only shows, but proves the division she wants within our party, our city, our county, and our state. I really don’t feel we can make any true progress or enact in any of the real change “we all want” until we can become united to some degree.

On behalf of the Perth Amboy Democratic Organization, we are proud and honored to support our senator, our friend, our fighter, Senator Cory Booker for President.

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