Peter Jacob Goes ‘On The Record’ with Bold, Brave Vision for Global Peace and Progressive Values on the Homefront

Peter Jacob Goes ‘On The Record’ with Bold, Brave Vision for Global Peace and Progressive Values on the Homefront

In CD-7 Candidate Interview with NJTV’s Michael Aron, the 2016 Democratic Nominee Provides Moral Counter to Tom Malinowski’s Support of Donald Trump’s Policies of Aggression

(UNION TWP, N.J.  – April 16, 2018) – In last Friday’s 7th Congressional District Democratic Candidate roundtable discussion hosted by Michael Aron at NJTV Studios, Peter Jacob went On The Record with his fellow 2018 Democrat candidates and separated himself as the stalwart defender of progressive values and a peace-anchored foreign policy vision.

 “Let’s not preemptively jump into war,” urged Jacob.  “It’s not what the American people want.”  Instead, the 2016 Democratic nominee in New Jersey’s CD-7 urged a careful approach. “We need clarification, let’s not point fingers immediately,” said Jacob.

Unlike the interventionist stance pushed by candidate Tom Malinowski, who stated to Aron that “We should have acted years ago” in Syria and later Tweeted his support for the actions of President Trump, Jacob pushed for caution with a reminder of mistakes of the past that continue to haunt us today.

“I want all the facts first,” said Jacob.  “Fifteen years ago, we heard this with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and look where we’re at now.

Jacob went even further, railing against America’s recent legacy of interventionist foreign policy.  “If we’re ultimately supposed to address this issue, then we have to address what’s going in on Yemen, in Somalia, in Ukraine, and all those weapons have Made in America written all over it,” said Jacob.  “We must answer what Eisenhower has asked us to, and that’s to beware of the military-industrial complex.”

When asked by Aron about fundraising, Jacob’s response was simple. “I don’t prioritize money, Jacob replied. “I believe in creating an America one day in which your character, your values, the things that you are fighting for, and your vote should matter more than money at the end of the day.”

Without the bloat and excess characterizing the opposition CD-7 campaign efforts that have burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars to date, the streamlined and sustainable Jacob 2018 campaign is building momentum from a successful ballot access petition drive. Fueled by a grassroots volunteer team, the Jacob 2018 campaign collected more signatures than any of their opponents, on the Democrat or Republican side.

In addition, the support and endorsements of nationally significant organizations such as Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, and Brand New Congress are buttressing Jacob’s movement for the advancing of a People’s Platform to reclaim the American Dream, starting in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District.

“The majority of people who are out there seeing what’s going on,” said Jacob.  “We spoke about a Medicare For All single payer system.  We said that your income determines how you live; it shouldn’t determine if you live. We need a $15 minimum wage, federal jobs guarantee; we need to address the climate crisis, no more pipelines, and we need to address the role of money and the greedy folks corrupting our politics.”

Determined to fight onward through the June 5th primary, Jacob defended the ideological foundations of his grassroots 2018 effort with a sense of urgency and moral clarity throughout the course of the NJTV interview. “The time is too limited to settle for anything less than bold, brave, and progressive policies to lead our nation forward,” said Jacob.”

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