Pezzullo Endorses Hugin


FEBRUARY 13, 2018


Pezzullo Endorses Hugin


Speaking at the kickoff of Robert Hugin’s campaign for the Republican nomination for US Senate, former Republican hopeful Rich Pezzullo formally announced his exit from the race and his support for Hugin.


Before a crowd that included state Republican party leaders, Trump campaign operatives, and family and friends, Pezzullo spoke of his continuing mission. “A year ago I dedicated myself to the effort to unseat Bob Menendez and replace him with a Republican who respects our President, supports our military, and cares about our people. Today, we take a major step forward on that journey.”


He also stated his resolve to stay involved on the trail. “I am suspending my campaign today, but my work is far from finished. I will be working with Bob and his team all year and doing everything in my power to unseat Menendez.”


Pezzullo made sure to thank his supporters before wrapping up. “I am so grateful to everyone who supported me, who encouraged me, who made our campaign strong. I know that if they bring that same energy to Bob’s camp, we’re going to be unstoppable.”


“We must now speak with one accord. Every moment we spend distracted from the task at hand is an abdication of our duty as patriots. Bob Hugin is the clear choice for New Jersey. Let’s get to work.”


Contact: James Pezzullo – 973-873-6283 or


About Rich Pezzullo: A Cornell graduate and former Army officer, Freehold businessman Rich Pezzullo has been advocating on behalf of New Jersey taxpayers for over twenty years.



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