Kim Guadagno: Phil Murphy To Struggling Homeowners: Make More Money

Phil Murphy To Struggling Homeowners: Make More Money.


This morning, The Star Ledger is out with a piece comparing all of the gubernatorial candidates and their plans to reduce New Jersey’s highest-in-the-nation property taxes.

The roundup confirms that Kim Guadagno is the only candidate for governor with a detailed plan that would deliver immediate property tax relief for middle class New Jerseyans.

Democrat frontrunner Phil Murphy? His answer to New Jerseyans struggling with high property taxes: make more money. reports that Murphy hopes “an increase in incomes will reduce their impact on families.”

That’s not a plan, that’s an insult to the hardworking taxpayers of New Jersey. Unlike Phil Murphy who made his millions profiting on Wall Street and bought an plush ambassadorship by making hefty political contributions, most New Jersey families go to work everyday just to make ends meet and pay their property taxes.

But Murphy’s out-of-touch comments don’t stop there. Last week, Phil Murphy went so far as to criticize the lieutenant governor’s plan as ‘a nice sugar high.’

That prompted Kim Guadagno to fire back over the weekend, telling supporters, ‘If people are going to attack me for trying to lower the property taxes for the people who are the most taxed in the country, bring it on.’ Watch here.

With just under 200 days until the General Election, one thing is certain: there is only one candidate who is serious about making New Jersey more affordable. Her name is Kim Guadagno.

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