Praise for Governor Murphy’s Actions to Advance New Jersey’s Clean Energy Economy

Praise for Governor Murphy’s Actions to Advance New Jersey’s Clean Energy Economy

TRENTON – Environmentalists, businesses and elected officials from across the state expressed their praise for Governor Murphy’s actions to establish New Jersey’s leadership in the clean energy economy. The Governor signed the Renewable Energy bill, which takes several critical steps to improve and expand New Jersey’s renewable energy programs and signed legislation establishing a Zero Emissions Certificate (ZEC) program to maintain New Jersey’s nuclear energy supply. In addition, he signed an executive order directing the development of an updated Energy Master Plan (EMP) for the state to achieve 100 percent clean energy by 2050.


Reaction to today’s clean energy actions is below:

“Governor Murphy is putting New Jersey’s stake in the ground with the nation’s largest offshore wind target yet. With our plans to power the Garden State with offshore wind energy from our site over the horizon, we’re perfectly positioned to create New Jersey jobs thanks to Governor Murphy’s bold vision.”

Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski


“The clean energy bill is a great down payment on Governor Murphy’s commitment to 100 percent clean energy by 2050. I couldn’t be more thrilled the Governor took this initiative one step further today by signing an executive order to update the energy supply plan toward the 100 percent clean energy goal.”

Ed Potosnak, executive director, NJ League of Conservation Voters


“This landmark legislation and executive order show that New Jersey is serious about rapidly adopting clean, renewable energy. From far-reaching environmental benefits, to tens of thousands of jobs that strengthen our economy, to lower emissions that fend off climate change and improve our health, the advantages of clean energy are undeniable. With these actions, Gov. Murphy is making New Jersey a national leader in the transition away from fossil fuels toward a healthier and more prosperous clean energy future.”

Tom Gilbert, campaign director, ReThink Energy NJ and New Jersey Conservation Foundation


“The clean energy law creates jobs, cuts pollution, and improves public health. New Jersey leaders have an opportunity to build on Gov. Murphy’s leadership by implementing strong, cost-effective solutions to make the state a hub of innovation and a thriving clean energy economy.”

Mary Barber, director, New Jersey Clean Energy, Environmental Defense Fund


“New Jersey is showing that in the 21st century a thriving economy is built on home-grown, clean energy. While the Trump administration is trying to prop up the dirtiest fuels, Gov. Murphy and New Jersey’s lawmakers are charting a smarter course, enacting a policy change that will create jobs, save consumers money and protect our health and the environment.”

Dale Bryk, senior strategic advisor, Natural Resources Defense Council


“We applaud Governor Murphy’s commitment to driving a clean and sustainable energy future for all New Jerseyans, and today’s signing is another example of his leadership role in this important policy initiative. We are committed to partnering with stakeholders across the state to ensure that this legislation leads to the development of new and innovative programs and initiatives that will create new jobs in the energy field and have a positive impact on our customers, our environment and the communities we serve.”

Dave Velazquez, president and CEO of Pepco Holdings


“Today’s bill signing marks a new era in New Jersey. One that moves the state further in the direction toward stronger environmental protection practices which support clean energy initiatives. Establishing standards and requirements for renewable energy sets New Jersey on the right path toward growing our sustainable resources and investing in clean energy.  New Jersey continues be a leader in the nation in developing our clean energy resources with the agenda we have set today. New Jersey families will reap the benefits for years to come. We could always do more to protect our environment.  Now, with these renewable energy goals set, we really are doing more and we are doing what should have been done over the last eight years. Thank you, Governor.”

Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex)


“It has never been more important for leaders to stand up for clean energy jobs, local investments, and clean air and climate progress in our communities. We are encouraged that in the face of rollbacks in Washington, Governor Murphy is stepping up with bold action. Americans across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support solar progress. We urge lawmakers to look to New Jersey’s leadership to spur the clean energy economy.”

Pari Kasotia, mid-Atlantic director, Vote Solar


“The solar industry appreciates Gov. Murphy’s leadership. By signing this bill into law, many more New Jersey residents, businesses and communities will have access to solar energy. This is a huge win for customers, will support the thousands of solar jobs in the Garden State and puts the state on track to meeting its ambitious clean energy goals.”

Sean Gallagher, vice president of state affairs, SEIA


“The New Jersey legislature and Governor Murphy should be applauded for passing community solar legislation and recognizing the increased consumer demand for solar energy. If properly implemented, this legislation will create access to solar energy for consumers and businesses across New Jersey for the first time. We look forward to working with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to create a robust program that enables hundreds of thousands of consumers across the state to choose community solar and save money on their electric bills.”

Brandon Smithwood, policy director, Coalition for Community Solar Access


“Thanks to this important legislation, New Jersey residents who rent, live in apartments, or can’t afford the upfront cost to install solar panels will now be better able to get their power from the sun. We look forward to working with our coalition partners to ensure that the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities heeds the call of this law by promoting robust participation from low and moderate-income customers in community solar projects.”

Luis Torres, senior legislative representative, Earthjustice


“Today Governor Murphy is empowering New Jersey residents to create, store, and share clean solar power with their neighbors, making the electric grid stronger and more resilient. With the Governor’s leadership, New Jersey will be better prepared for future storms, grow good-quality energy jobs for the state, and build a more consumer-centered energy system with home-grown, affordable power that will benefit everyone.”

Anne Hoskins, chief policy officer, Sunrun


“This important legislation addresses critical issues affecting the solar industry. We applaud the efforts of Governor Murphy, President Sweeney, Speaker Coughlin and all stakeholders involved in the process and looks forward to working together in developing the framework for industry to continue to provide jobs and investment in New Jersey for solar energy during next decade.”

Tom Lynch, executive vice president and COO, KDC Solar

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