Organized opposition materializes against the Democratic establishment

Hoboken – The Progressive Democrats of Hudson County (PDHC), a chapter of the Progressive Democrats of New Jersey (PDNJ), have filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission to launch a continuing political committee (CPC), known as PDHC CPC, dedicated to realizing their goal to recruit, train, and support a new generation of independent progressive leaders for elected office.

For their inaugural primary cycle, the organization has recruited 22 candidates to run for the county Democratic committee in three separate municipalities: Hoboken, Jersey City, and North Bergen. In Jersey City, PDHC’s candidates avoided being placed in “ballot siberia,” a quirk of New Jersey’s deceptive ballot design which places candidates who run without the blessing of the county party bosses farther right on the ballot where voters often do not look. Their candidates in Jersey City will be running on Column B directly adjacent to the Hudson County Democratic Organization.

However, PDHC and its new CPC are committed to organizing in even the most hostile political environments across Hudson County. Their approach can best be summed up by an abridged version of a saying attributed to ancient Jewish scholar Hillel the Elder: “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” This philosophy is reflected in Stephanie Rosas-Garcia, candidate for county Democratic committee in North Bergen 5-5: “As a first-generation Mexican-American born and raised in Hudson County, I have experienced firsthand the limitations and roadblocks placed on our communities by policies and politicians that do not work for us. Seeing the lack of empathy and awareness from politicians during the pandemic inspired a sense of urgency in me to represent my community. Running with PDHC has given me the tools and motivation I needed to take charge of the political process and pursue my political career. I am overwhelmed with joy to be running alongside other diverse candidates dedicated to pushing for political transparency and justice for the people of Hudson County.”

The organization’s mission is to create the social, cultural, professional, and logistical environment necessary for independent progressives to run for office and win up and down the ballot everywhere in Hudson County. PDHC’s continuing political committee represents the first tangible, long-term effort to tackle the financial, logistical, and tactical disadvantages that working-class progressives face when running for office against the corporate backing and cronyism of the Hudson Democratic establishment.

“Our commitment to justice requires enabling an atmosphere that is truly inclusive of working people and of those who have been looked over and left out by traditional politics. Recent history has proven that bold progressive candidates, funded by small donations and leveraging grassroots organizing, are able to stretch their dollars much farther, and that’s what we are doing here in Hudson County with this CPC,” said Brad Londin, PDHC CPC’s treasurer, and the 2021 coordinated campaign deputy campaign manager.

PDHC CPC will hold itself to a higher ethical standard for fundraising, rejecting funds from a variety of problematic industries such as defense, pharmaceuticals, and real estate development. The aim is to empower people of all ages, incomes, and abilities to have a foundation from which to build campaigns and a life in public service free from the corrupting influences of a broken political culture which values loyalty to party bosses and their personal agendas over the needs and priorities of the working-class people of Hudson County. The launch of this continuing political committee is the first step towards building an independent, ethical, progressive electoral movement which is larger and more sustainable than any single candidate in any single cycle.

“Our goal is to help progressive candidates, so no one has to start from scratch the way many of us had to,” said Ron Bautista, Chair of PDHC CPC and former candidate for district 5 county commissioner, “We don’t take money from real estate developers, and we don’t answer to political party bosses; our priority is the community.”


About Progressive Democrats of Hudson County: The Progressive Democrats of Hudson County is a chapter of the Progressive Democrats of New Jersey; a grassroots organization dedicated to electing independent progressive candidates and pushing political reform on behalf of the people of Hudson County. We are a diverse, energetic, dedicated coalition that fights for fairness in politics and true justice for all. Since its founding in March of 2020, PDHC has taken root as one of the foremost progressive electoral organizations in the county.

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