Rafi Cordova Announces His Candidacy for Hoboken 1st Ward Council

Rafi Cordova Announces His Candidacy for Hoboken 1st Ward Council

Rafi Cordova today announced his candidacy for the 1st Ward City Council seat. Rafi has lived in Hoboken for nearly thirty years and has been an active volunteer, community builder, and senior advocate, always supporting Hoboken’s most vulnerable residents. A graduate of Yale University, raised in Puerto Rico and fluent in five languages, Rafi currently serves as chair of the Hoboken Rent Leveling & Stabilization Board while working professionally as a freelance film editor and private coach.

“As a councilmember, my top priority will be serving and supporting those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community and in the 1st Ward especially,” said Rafi Cordova.  “I will support strong tenant protections and affordable housing, as well as the infrastructure upgrades and recreational opportunities that we all depend on for the quality of life and quality of city services that we deserve.”

Former 1st Ward Councilmember Terry Castellano endorsed Mr. Cordova and noted his long record of community service. “Constituent Services is a huge aspect of holding a Council seat. Rafi has done so much for our residents without a title that I can only imagine what he can accomplish as our First Ward Council Representative,” said Ms. Castellano. “Rafi has a deep understanding of Hoboken’s communal needs and a longstanding reputation for committed service. He is indefatigable especially in support of those most vulnerable within our community.”


Eileen Carvalho, a Democratic Committee member who lives in the 1st Ward, said, “I am enthusiastically backing Rafi Cordova because I know he will fight for us, helping all who need help.”

Mayor of Hoboken Ravi Bhalla said, “As an active volunteer, Rafi Cordova has demonstrated his deep commitment to Hoboken and the people who live in our city, particularly those with difficult life challenges, over many years of service. “I know he will bring that same dedication and proven effectiveness to the City Council.”


Rafi Cordova has served as a long-time volunteer for In Jesus’s Name Charities, an interfaith charitable effort, feeding the most vulnerable in our community and meeting other essential needs, among other community-based initiatives of which he has participated.


He plans an active door-to-door campaign contacting all voters in the 1st Ward.

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