Rafi Cordova Raises $15,000 at Kick-off  Fundraiser

Rafi Cordova Raises $15,000 at Kick-off  Fundraiser

Community advocate Cheryl Fallick Endorses


The Córdova for Council campaign today announced that its kick-off fundraiser, held last night at 80 River Bar and Kitchen, raised $15,000.  Chair of the Hoboken Rent Leveling & Stabilization Board and a long-time community leader, Rafi Córdova is a candidate for Hoboken’s 1st Ward Council seat.  Counting last night’s totals, Rafi has more than $23,000 cash on hand.


“I am grateful for the outpouring of support for my candidacy,” said Rafi Córdova. “This will enable me to bring my message of providing the independent leadership we need — focusing on neighborhood quality of life issues, being constantly accessible to all constituents and caring for and respecting our most vulnerable — to all the voters in the 1st Ward.”


Córdova was endorsed last night by long-time housing advocate Cheryl Fallick.  “I’ve known Rafi for several years and to me his candidacy is historic and exciting, remarked Cheryl Fallick. “Our 1st ward residents are lucky as they will have an opportunity to cast a vote for someone who, without a doubt will be a representative for everyone, including – and this is important – the most vulnerable among us, seniors, people with disabilities, the less affluent and renters… Rafi Córdova’s candidacy presents an opportunity to revitalize and re-galvanize a certain energy that is currently lacking in governance. He’s always known that we can’t know where we’re going unless we know where we came from. He knows that governance is not about the value of Hoboken’s real estate, but our true value rests within our people.”


Terry Castellano, a former 1st Ward Councilwoman who had previously endorsed Rafi Córdova, said, “Rafi Córdova and I have been best friends and neighbors for many years, and I can whole-heartedly say that there is no better person to represent the 1st Ward on the City Council than him. For years, Rafi has been an advocate for his community, helping ensure that all of his neighbors are cared for, and providing constituent services that have gone above and beyond what is expected even for a City Council representative. He does it without trying to take credit or highlight his work on various social media platforms, and that itself is a true sign of Rafi’s genuine qualities. This is one of many reasons I’m working hard to support Rafi, and I encourage my neighbors to come out and vote for him on Election Day.”


Among others on hand to support Rafi’s candidacy, included: former Police Chief Ken Ferrante; Commissioner Anthony Romano, Chair of the Hoboken Democratic Party, Rachel Hodes; Executive Secretary of the Hoboken Republican Party Pavel Sokolov; former Ward 1 candidate for City Council, Migdalia Pagan Milano; former Councilwoman Vanessa Falco, Mayor Ravi Bhalla; and Councilmembers Emily Jabbour, Joe Quintero, Phil Cohen and Jim Doyle.


About 75 people were in attendance, including dozens of 1st Ward residents.



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