Red Bank Democrats: Sturdivant & Maida Primary Election Marks Historic Moment 

Sturdivant & Maida Primary Election Marks Historic Moment 

Former Democratic Elected Official Endorse Challengers

Marking a milestone moment in the Municipal Committee’s history, the Red Bank Democratic Organization has overwhelmingly endorsed their official nominees Jacqueline Sturdivant and Bruce Maida for election in the upcoming Democratic Primary race for Borough Council.

Among the former and current Borough elected officials throwing their weight behind the Red Bank Democrat’s nominees are:

Former Mayor Edward J. McKenna, Jr., former Council Presidents Arthur V. Murphy, III and Sharon Lee, former Council Members Michael R. DuPont and Juanita Lewis, and Councilmen Edward J. Zipprich and Michael K. Ballard.


The Primary election on June 8th 2021 marks a turning point for the Red Bank Dems, who have traditionally backed incumbent candidates.  This year, newcomers Sturdivant and Maida are enjoying widespread local support in their bid to unseat freshman council incumbents Kate Triggiano and Hazim Yassin.

Elected members of the Democratic Municipal Committee have also been vocal in their public support for the Sturdivant and Maida ticket, including:


John Paul Nicolaides, Remedios Quiroz, Patricia Pinto, Bruce Maida, Barbara Boas, John Jackson, Kathy Hakim, Vanessa Blychanton, Jesse Garrison, Lauren Nicosia, Dr. Frederick Stone, Dionne Trottie Register, Juanita Lewis, and Dorothy Davis.


The incumbents, who by-passed the local party nominating process to secure a position on the ballot through the county Democratic party, will be two of four candidates listed on the Monmouth County Democratic ticket for Red Bank Council.

Ed McKenna, the former mayor, who is credited with bringing “Dead Bank” back to prosperity and making the Borough the state model of adaptive reuse and redevelopment said that “Jacqueline and Bruce are experienced engineers who have the professional skills and passion for Red Bank needed to do what’s right for the residents and business community. They have vision and know how to create a plan that will take our town further into the 21st Century. They are mature decision-makers who will not be distracted from negotiating sustainable and ethical solutions for our future.”


The Red Bank Democrats held their annual nominating convention on March 2nd. Bruce Maida was the top vote-getter with 15 of 18 votes. Dr. LeRoi Jones received 14 of the 18 votes. Hazim Yassin earned 2 and Kate Triggiano, 1 vote. Jones later withdrew from the race and was replaced by Jacqueline Sturdivant who also earned the support of 15 members of the Municipal Committee.

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