Republican Vicky Flynn Sworn-in as New Jersey Assemblywoman

Republican Vicky Flynn Sworn-in as New Jersey Assemblywoman

Holmdel, NJ – Assemblywoman Vicky Flynn (LD13 – R) was among the new Republican members of the New Jersey General Assembly to be sworn-in yesterday in Trenton as the Legislature begins the 2022 – 2023 session. Flynn, who is no stranger to fighting on behalf of residents, is eager to join colleagues Senator O’Scanlon and Assemblyman Scharfenberger as she focuses on ending continuous Trenton mandates, fostering an economically friendly environment and addressing the State’s growing learning losses:

“It is an honor to embark on this new chapter in my public service career on behalf of the residents of Monmouth County,” said Assemblywoman Flynn. “Declan, Gerry and I campaigned to put an end to the mandates that infringe upon our personal lives and get to work on making New Jersey more affordable. The Legislature took the first steps yesterday to putting an end to the mandates. I look forward to ensuring that continues.”

Assemblywoman Flynn’s philosophy as a legislator will be guided upon restoring the balance among the different branches of government as well as preserving the separate, but equal philosophy that has been under attack in Trenton these past few years:

“The doctrine of separation of powers is intended to avoid excessive power grabs or concentration of power in the hands of one person or group of people,” Assemblywoman Flynn asserted. “The residents of Monmouth County are frustrated that this essential founding principle of our Country is being ignored by the Governor. That was evident by the amount of newly elected Republicans who were sworn in today.”

Pledging to work with her fellow legislators, Assemblywoman Flynn intends to develop solutions to allow New Jersey to emerge from this pandemic stronger:

“It is critical that the Legislative branch take the lead to build a stronger economy here in New Jersey so that it can reverse the damage caused by the pandemic mandates that have curbed innovation and crushed small businesses,” stated Flynn. “I will support those legislative policies to create a true business-friendly environment.”

In addition to creating a business-friendly environment, Flynn believes there is a looming public crisis across New Jersey schools caused by the disruption of the educational progress of children these past two years:

“The learning loss experienced by the pandemic is substantial, with the most at risk students being disproportionately affected – it is critical that we implement those measures to accelerate learning recovery and make schools safe to avoid any further disruptions to learning opportunities,” said Assemblywoman Flynn. “We need to focus the conversation on what will allow schoolchildren to emerge successfully from the pandemic, and to date, the State’s response has been dismal.” 


“There has been no effort to address the impact of learning loss on the special education community,” Flynn concluded. “The narrative is heartbreaking, but we as Republican legislators have an opportunity to garner bipartisan support to prepare New Jersey’s future workforce by building a stronger educational foundation for our children – from PreK to higher education.”

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