Rice Calls On Star-Ledger And Tom Moran To Apologize To Its Readers And The Leadership Of NJEA For “Murder” Comment

NEWARK – “On Saturday – November 10, 2017, in order to promote his article in the Star Ledger, Tom Moran tweeted that “top Dems deep down want to murder the leaders of the teachers union.”

“Not only is this factually incorrect, there is no place for that kind of language in our political discourse,” said SenatorRonald L. Rice, D-Essex.

“Although, I am one of the first to support free speech and freedom of the media, I strongly condemn this violent language and call on the Star Ledger and Tom Moran to apologize to its readers and the leadership of the NJEA.”

“I personally had a conversation with Senate President Steve Sweeney regarding NJEA during out recent Senate session in Trenton and heard members in the Senate Caucus express their opinions about the NJEA.  However, no one talked about wanting to murder the leadership or the membership of the NJEA,” stated Rice.


Rice Statement

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