Rik Mehta Endorses Ciattarelli


Rik Mehta Endorses Ciattarelli
2020 Senate-candidate received over 1.8 million votes

Atlantic County, NJ – Small-businessman Jack Ciattarelli has received the endorsement of 2020 US Senate nominee Rik Mehta.

Mehta announced his support of Ciattarelli for Governor saying, “New Jersey is a place where our forefathers, or in many cases like mine, our mothers and fathers came seeking a better life and opportunity; a beacon of hope. Throughout our country’s storied past, New Jersey has delivered some of our greatest American Dreams; our greatest American stories. However, today New Jersey is facing a crisis of epic proportions. With 30% of our small businesses shuttered, skyrocketing property taxes, cumbersome regulations that disproportionately impact our low-income communities and residents fleeing the state in droves, Gov. Phil Murphy continues to fail us.

In addition to our poor business climate, the health of New Jersey continues to suffer, having the highest COVID-19 death rate and the slowest vaccination roll out than any other state in the union. Gov. Murphy’s disastrous nursing and veteran home policies have led to the death of over 7000 of our most vulnerable. Many who served our great nation have now perished at the hands of bad policy. New Jersey cannot live through four more years of Phil Murphy and his disastrous policies. Phil Murphy has yet to hold himself accountable and own his mistakes.

That is why I am unequivocally endorsing Jack Ciatterelli to be our next governor. Jack is a small business owner who knows the importance of helping his fellow small business owners. Jack is an experienced legislator who has a record of putting policy over politics. Jack is an all-around good guy, husband and family man who has raised four kids of his own. And, most importantly, Jack is empathetic and listens. At a time where our state is divided among self-serving politicians, Jack is ready to listen to us and serve the people.

Under Jack’s leadership, New Jersey will see a brighter, safer, healthier and more prosperous future. I stand with Jack wholeheartedly and will do my part to make Jack the next governor of New Jersey.

Join me in supporting Jack and let’s make New Jersey a place to live, not leave!”

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