Rizzo: Thank You New Jersey


Dear Friends –

Tuesday night we made history together! There is no question that, as the outsider campaign, we faced a lot of challenges and uphill battles: we were unfairly denied matching funds—we were excluded from the debate stage—we were consistently ignored and dismissed by the establishment media—when they could no longer ignore us, they opposed and maligned us—we were attacked and lied about at every turn. Our campaign had none of the establishment support, and the establishment candidate had 10 times more money in his bank account.

And yet—with all of that—our outsider movement, after only 5 months of campaigning raised an unprecedented amount of money, earned the support of over a quarter of primary voters, came in second to the establishment candidate, and carried the standard for freedom and family values here in New Jersey.

Our grassroots campaign was all heart, fueled by a fervent desire to protect our children, our families, and our businesses, while wresting the future of this state from the hands of a tyrannical governor.   We succeeded in making our mark and our growing numbers prove that our compelling message can no longer be ignored.

The fight is just beginning!

Our state is demanding RESULTS, not just REPUBLICANS. I will be working tirelessly through the summer and leading up to the election to champion candidates who will further our message of life, civil and religious liberties, the 2nd amendment, parental rights, and medical freedom.

My family and I are grateful to each of you for trusting us with your time, talents, and treasures. We look forward to fighting alongside you all to win back our beloved state.

Stay tuned.

With gratitude,

Phil Rizzo

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