Robert Canfield Proposes Tax Plan to Address New Jersey’s Spending Problem and Support Seniors

BRICK, NJ- Robert Canfield, Republican candidate for Governor of New Jersey, proposes his tax plan to help Seniors stay in New Jersey. “Ocean county, my home county, is the Senior Capital of New Jersey, Whiting being the largest concentration. We need to make New Jersey a place where our Seniors don’t have to worry how they will pay their bills.”

Canfield is proposing a cap on the tax rate to 1% of the assessed value for everyone, and a .5% rate cap on Seniors. Seniors, being defined as anyone over the age of 65. “Let’s face it. All I ever hear is taxes are too high in this state. I’m paying over $4,500 a year while my in-laws in PA are paying $2,800 or there about. It’s insane!”

There would be a lot of careful cuts to the budget, under Canfield’s plan, including combining departments, cutting programs that are not needed, and generating income from other sources. “I have no problem merging Departments to be more cost effective. I have no problem getting rid of programs or committees that we do not need. I’m open to creating new business ventures for the state to jump into that will generate revenue for the state outside of taxes. In fact, I strongly believe we should look into alternative revenue streams as a state.”

Among other plans, Canfield would include a property tax break for First Responders and Teachers. “These are people who dedicate their lives to serving our communities. We need to give them a break on their primary home.” Canfield’s plan would include giving those who qualify a .5% cap on their property taxes.

“We will use the county managers to get our spending under control on the local level, especially school districts. We will see school districts merge to become more cost effective. Along with this, we will be encouraging local governments, and school boards, to cut the fat from their budgets so they need less taxes to operate.”

Canfield would cap the budget at $50 Billion and force the state to a Zero-Based Budget. “Overspending, and spending on things we don’t need, are what go t us here. We will cap the budget and force the state to always spend less than what we bring in.”

Canfield also has a radical plan for Income Tax. “It is my goal to eliminate the Income Tax from New Jersey. I look at those who work in New York and think it’s disgusting that they have to pay New York, NYC, and New Jersey Taxes. Even in PA, a worker would have to pay local and state income tax. New Jersey, with the right cuts and investments, can cut our income tax.”

Even if it cannot be eliminated right away, Canfield will work to lower the Income tax by offering tax cuts to all brackets and businesses, encouraging businesses to hire more people. “Trump was talking about how, even with tax cuts, more money came into the revenues of the country. It’s a basic economic principle. Tax less, businesses make more, therefore they hire more, and we get more ta income. If we lower taxes, or even eliminate the income tax, more people are spending more money in our state which means sales tax, alcohol tax, and other taxes make more money.”

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