Robert Quinn: Inappropriate to vote for Parenti

Thursday, September 12, 2019


In the midst of this important election season for Somerset County’s Freeholder and Sheriff race, I wanted to take a moment to comment and provide guidance to my supporters in the public and party. Several months ago, we saw Tim Pino “lose” to William “Bill” Parenti by a small fraction of votes. Many of Tim’s supporters felt robbed. If anything the results were a reflection of the heavy influence that lobbyists and their financial backers have on our electoral process.

I did not have an opportunity to thank my supporters after the election as we were sifting through the results. Certainly, your support is appreciated and valued. The vision that Tim and I presented was an inclusive Republican party, not exclusive, which to many it presently is. We talked about diversity, a word that to some means putting one at the expense of another. True diversity is a celebration of our differences.

To my supporters out there reading this, I am now taking the extraordinary step of directing you that a vote for William “Bill” Parenti would be inappropriate. His character flaws as well as lack of honesty with what “really” happened to his service weapon several years ago make him unfit. I would instead suggest to you to write in your preferred candidate.

In an era where the public is so polarized to cling to their political parties like sports teams, one can take quite a beating for independent thought. After all, candidates that are not controllable are of no value to the lobbyists, even if they are of value to the public. If we learned anything from our nation’s history, challenging the system is in our blood as a country. It is a very healthy aspect of our political process.

Robert A. Quinn
Franklin Township

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