Rockaway Township Council Republican Endorses Mikie Sherrill for Congress

Rockaway Township Council Republican Endorses Mikie Sherrill for Congress


Bipartisan Members of Township Council Announce Support


Fairfield, NJ — In her first high-profile bipartisan endorsement, today three members of the Rockaway Township Council endorsed Mikie Sherrill for U.S. Congress. Councilmembers Mike Puzio, Jonathan Sackett, and Manny Friedlander joined Sherrill to announce their endorsement of her campaign for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District.


“Our community needs a leader with a proven record of working with people from both parties,” said Councilman Mike Puzio (R). “The partisanship that plagues Congress hurts Rockaway, and prevents New Jersey from moving forward. I’m endorsing Mikie Sherrill because I know the letter that comes after my name is less important to Mikie than the fact that I am a resident of this community.”


“Rockaway knows all too well the style of leadership Jay Webber will bring to Congress,” said Councilman Jonathan Sackett (D). “He routinely votes against common sense proposals, often the only one in the Assembly to cast a ‘no’ vote. Mikie Sherrill is a veteran who has always stood up and said ‘yes’ to serving our country, and I’m proud to endorse her for the 11th District.”


“I hear again and again from our neighbors that they are tired of the finger pointing and blame games that come from Congress,” said Councilman Manny Friedlander. “Mike, Jonathan, and I are coming together today to endorse Mikie because we know she is the only choice for our district if we are really going to end the cycle of partisanship.”


“This campaign is all about bringing our community together,” said Congressional Candidate Mikie Sherrill. “In the U.S. Navy, I worked with people from all different parts of the country and different backgrounds, and I can tell you it never prevented me from getting our mission done. That’s why I’m proud to have Mike, Jonathan, and Manny’s endorsement. In Congress I will stand up for our district, including Picatinny Arsenal and the residents of the 11th who work there.”


As a U.S. Navy veteran, former prosecutor, and mother of four, Mikie Sherrill is focused on bringing new leadership to Congress. She will work with Republicans and Democrats to restore the full state and local tax deduction for New Jersey taxpayers, work to fix the Affordable Care Act to bring down health care costs, and focus on creating good paying jobs in New Jersey. In Congress she will fight for Picatinny Arsenal and the 5,000 jobs it supports in Morris County.


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