RSLC: New Jersey Minority and Women Candidates Lead Republican’s Goal to Diversify Trenton’s State Legislature 

New Jersey Minority and Women Candidates Lead Republican’s Goal to Diversify Trenton’s State Legislature 


If Republicans continue to chip away at the Democrat-controlled legislature in Trenton, the strong women and minority candidates nominated by the GOP will be a significant reason why.


From their unique background to observing just how detrimental state Democrats’ policies have been on New Jerseyans, the following state legislative candidates are ready to take on the challenge of stripping state Democrats’ power and bring change in Trenton:


  • Amanda Esposito, Assembly candidate in district 4- As a public school teacher and a volunteer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Esposito knows what it takes to be a public servant for her community and will do the same in the state legislature.
  • Matthew Walker, Assembly candidate in District 4- A former borough council president and Navy Veteran, Walker is battle-tested to take on state Democrats in Trenton.
  • Skye Gilmartin, Assembly candidates in district 14- A cardiovascular technologist and former borough councilwoman, Skye Gilmartin is prepared for the fast-paced environment in the state legislature and will put her constituents first.
  • Grace Zhang, Assembly candidate in district 16 – As a small business owner who immigrated from China, Zhang has lived out the American dream and will fight for her constituents in Trenton.
  • Al Barlas, Assembly candidate in district 40- A seasoned NJ legislative staffer and Essex County GOP Chair, Al Barlas has seen first-hand how Democrats’ failed agenda has burdened New Jersey families and will be a fighter for them when elected.
  • Micheline Atteir, Senate candidate in district 38-. Atteir is a former school board member and small business owner who has experienced how Democrats’ failed economic policies have burdened small businesses. Atteir is ready to take on Demcorats when elected to the legislature.
  • Patricia Johnson, Senate candidate in district 14-  Johnson is a small business owner, critical care nurse and advocate for affordbale family childcare. When elected to the legislature, Johsnon will fight for all small businesses and for families to have the resources for their children.


“The Democrat-controlled Legislature in Trenton has done nothing but push a radical agenda that’s led New Jersey voters to inherit high taxes, overwhelming  debt, and one of the most atrocious business climates in the country,” said RSLC spokesperson Stephanie Rivera. “The RSLC is excited to see these women and minority candidates running in state legislative races who will represent their communities in Trenton and fight to pass commonsense legislation that will push back against state Democrats’ failed liberal policies once elected this fall.” 


Both minority and women state legislative candidates nominated by Republicans in the Garden State follows the creation of the RSLC’s Right Leaders Network. Launched in the fall of 2021, the Right Leaders Network is a redoubling of RSLC’s long-standing efforts to grow the future of the Republican Party. Through the RSLC’s Right Women Right Now and Future Majority Project initiatives, the committee over the past decade has recruited, trained, supported, and elected thousands of diverse state Republicans across the country, many of whom went on to serve in statewide and federal offices. The Right Leaders Network will both enhance and grow the committee’s recruiting and training capabilities thus far, and allow for:


  • Prioritizing electing more women, as well as candidates from communities of color and diverse backgrounds.
  • Engaging former state leaders, who now hold high federal or state office, to serve as mentors for the next generation of Republican leaders.
  • Growing partnerships with aligned Republican organizations who share the same mission.


Watch more about the Right Leaders Network HERE.

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