The Sussex County Democratic Committee happily extends congratulations to Zoe Heath who was unanimously elected as Chair of the newly formed SCDC LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus. Her commitment to the LGBTQ community has been demonstrated time and time again in her work with SCDC through the LGBTQIA+ Working Group, her advocacy as a committee member and her commitment to accountability at commissioner meetings. Her continued trailblazing as the founder and lead organizer of Sussex PRIDE shows you just how determined and loyal to the cause she really is. It is clear that her leadership within the community and her passion for service makes her the natural choice for this position.

At a time in our county where advocating, organizing and standing up for legislation that protects the marginalized is so critical, the LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus comes at just the right time. Zoe was at the forefront of that advocacy on the municipal and county level for years, pushing towns and the county to raise the pride flag and declare June pride month. The SCDC and the many democrats that have been right there along side her advocating for change could not be more excited about this caucus and the good it can do for our county.

The mission of the Sussex County LGBTQ+ Caucus strives to instill awareness of the LGBTQ+ cause in the Democratic Party, educate future leaders, recruit and support candidates from our community and to help the Sussex Democrats maintain a strong relationship with the LGBTQ+ population in our county as well as represent the community within the party.

We look forward to all the amazing work we will do together!

– Chairwoman Dawne Rowe

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