SEIU NJ State Council Endorses Democratic Slate, Recognizing Labor Champions

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

SEIU NJ State Council Endorses Democratic Slate, Recognizing Labor Champions

“The SEIU New Jersey State Council endorses Democratic candidates – diverse leaders – with committed records to labor and who, through their policy decisions, continue to fight for NJ workers. Our vote of confidence is for those who have stood up for workers’ right to unionize, for safe staffing ratios in hospitals and nursing homes and who stand up against large corporations’ union-busting tactics.

This election is important.  Let’s re-elect on November 7 those who lifted their voices and fought for us and who believe everyone should equally prosper in this country and state,” said SEIU NJ State Council President Megan Chambers, who is also Co-Manager of the Laundry, Distribution, and Food Service Joint Board, Workers United SEIU.

The SEIU NJ State Council is composed of unions representing service employees across the state, including health care, warehouse, laundry, and school cafeteria workers. Our diverse membership also includes motor vehicle inspectors, resident physicians, and municipal employees in Newark. The council includes 1199 SEIU Healthcare Workers East, Laundry, Distribution and Food Service Joint Board of Workers United, The Committee of Interns and Residents, and 32BJ Motor Vehicle Inspectors.

SEIU NJ State Council previously recognized and endorses the candidacy of the following legislators as “Champions of Labor.”

Senator Vin Gopal, District 11

Senator Linda Greenstein, District 14

Senator Andrew Zwicker, District 16

Senator Joe Vitale, District 19

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, District 20

Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake, District 34

The SEIU New Jersey State Council endorses the following candidates in November’s election.

                                SENATOR                                                             ASSEMBLYMEMBERS

District 1              Charles R. Laspata                            Damita White-Morris, Eddie L. Bonner

District 2              Caren Fitzpatrick                               Alphonso Harrell, Elizabeth ‘Lisa’ Bender

District 3              John J. Burzichelli                              Heather Simmons, Dave Bailey Jr.

District 4              Paul D. Moriarty                                Dan Hutchison, Cody D. Miller

District 5              Nilsa Cruz-Perez                                William F. Moen, William W. Spearman

District 6              James Beach                                      Louis Greenwald, Pamela R. Lampitt

District 7              Troy E. Singleton                                Herber C. Conaway Jr., Carol Murphy

District 8              Gaye Burton                                       Andrea Katz, Anthony Angelozzi

District 9              Gabriel Franco                                   Joseph Atura, Sarah ‘Sally’ Collins

District 10            Jeff J. Horn                                         John LaMacchia, Emma Mammano

District 11            Vin Gopal                                            Luanne M. Peterpaul, Margie M. Donlon,

District 12            Brandon A. Rose                                Raya Arbiol, Paul Sarti

District 13            Lucille LoSapio                                   Paul Eschelbach, Danielle Mastropiero

District 14            Linda R. Greenstein                          Wayne P. DeAngelo, Tennille R. McCoy

District 15            Shirley Turner                                    Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, Anthony S. Verrelli

District 16            Andrew Zwicker                                Roy Freiman, Mitchelle Drulis

District 17            Bob Smith                                          Joseph Danielsen, Kevin P. Egan,

District 18            Patrick J. Diegnan Jr.                        Robert J. Karabinchak, Sterley S. Stanley

District 19            Joseph F. Vitale                                 Craig J. Coughlin, Yvonne Lopez

District 20            Joseph Cryan                                     Annette Quijano, Reginald W. Atkins

District 21            Matt Marino                                      Elizabeth Graner, Chris Weber

District 22            Nicholas P. Scutari                            James J. Kennedy, Linda S. Carter

District 23            Denise King                                        Guy Citron, Tyler Powell

District 24            Edmund Khanoo                               Baramda ‘Alicia’ Sharma

District 25            Christine Clarke                                Jonathan Torres, Diane Salvatore

District 26            Joan Waks                                          Walter Mielarczyk, John Von Achen

District 27            John F. McKeon                                Alixon Collazos-Gill, Rosy Bagolie

District 28            Renee C. Burgess                             Garnet R. Hall, Cleopatra G. Tucker

District 29            M. Teresa Ruiz                                   Eliana Pintor Marin, Shanique Speight

District 30            Stephen Dobbins                             Salvatore ‘Sal’ Frascino, Alexander ‘Avi’ Schnall

District 31            Angela V. McKnight                         Barbara McCann Stamato, William B. Sampson

District 32            Raj Mukherji                                      John Allen, Jessica Ramirez

District 33            Brian P. Stack                                     Julio Marenco, Gabriel Rodríguez

District 34            Britnee N. Timberlake                     Carmen Morales, Michael Venezia

District 35            Nelida Pou                                         Shavonda E. Sumter, Benjie E. Wimberly

District 36            Paul Sarlo                                          Gary Schear, Clinton Calabrese

District 37            Gordon M. Johnson                         Shama A. Haider, Ellen J. Park

District 38            Joseph A. Lagana                              Lisa Swain, P, Chris Tully

District 39            Jodi A. Murphy                                  Damon J. Englese, John F. Vitale

District 40            Jennifer Ehrentraut                          Giovanna Irrizarry, Jennifer Marrinan

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