Senate Committee Will Review Mental Health Services, Suicide Prevention Efforts for Veterans

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Senate Committee Will Review Mental Health Services, Suicide Prevention Efforts for Veterans


TRENTON – Monday’s meeting of the Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee will include a public hearing on mental health services for veterans and the status of suicide prevention efforts, Senator Joe Cryan, the committee’s chairman, said in advance of the hearing.


The committee will also consider a series of bills to support veterans and their families, including measures that will make vital services more affordable and more accessible.


“We want to get an update on the status of mental health programs for veterans, including suicide prevention services, to ensure our veterans are receiving the help they need and deserve,” said Senator Joe Cryan (D-Union). “Because of their military service, these men and women are suffering high rates of mental health problems and tragically large numbers of suicides. We want to make sure we are doing all we can to provide treatment and everything possible to prevent suicides. Our veterans deserve no less.”


The Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee will meet on Monday, November 7, 10:00 a.m., Committee Room 1, State House Annex, Trenton. The hearing will be available via the OLS website (


The participants providing testimony on veterans’ mental health services and suicide prevention will include:


·    Michael Boll, President of New Jersey Veterans Network

·    Terry Dearden, CPM, of the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs

·    Bradley Christensen, Essex and Hudson County Veteran Service Officer


The discussion will include an update on “Save NJ Vets,” the Governor’s program to prevent suicides among service members, veterans and family members.


The veterans’ bills on the committee’s agenda:


S3252 Sen. Cryan Permits DMVA to accept moneys for New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy public service announcements.
S3294 Sen. Cryan Requires DHS to disregard certain federal pension benefits for veterans in making Medicaid eligibility determinations.
S2558 Sen. Gill, Sen. Stanfield Excludes veterans’ benefits from calculation of financial obligation for care at psychiatric facility.
S3151 Sen. Codey Waives certain professional and occupational licensing fees for veterans and spouses of veterans.
S3183 Sen. Codey Waives certain commercial driver license fees for veterans and spouses of veterans.
S3191 Sen. Bramnick, Sen. Gopal Permits veteran to receive credit toward licensure as licensed practical nurse upon completing certain military medical training programs.
S755 Sen. Lagana, Sen. Gopal Requires DMVA to develop mobile application to provide guidance on available resources to veterans and their families.
S1871 Sen. Bucco Requires Adjutant General of DMVA create program for veterans to receive evaluation and treatment for PTSD, total brain injury, or traumatic brain injury.
SJR98 Sen. Stanfield, Sen. Cryan Declares NJ “Purple Heart State.”
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