Shaw’s Case to Freeze Holley’s Campaign Account Denied by Superior Court Judge 

Shaw’s Case to Freeze Holley’s Campaign Account Denied by Superior Court Judge 

(ROSELLE) – Today the Union County Superior Court Civil Presiding Judge Mark P. Ciarrocca held oral argument on Mayor Shaw’s outrageous lawsuit in which he sought to freeze campaign funds from Jamel Holley in the days leading up to the June 6th primary.

Prior to issuing an order denying Shaw’s application, Judge Ciarrocca took Mayor Shaw’s legal counsel, Dan Antonelli, to task for filing a lawsuit in his Court in which there was no legal jurisdiction.

Counsel for the Holley campaign, Jonathan F. Cohen, Esq., of Plosia Cohen LLC, stated that he was pleased that Judge Ciarrocca denied the “outrageous requests for relief” sought by Mayor Shaw.  According to Cohen, “The Superior Court exposed Mayor Shaw’s waste of the Court’s time and resources in filing a cause of action that the Court refused to consider.”  Based on the Court’s ruling that it lacks jurisdiction to hear Mayor Shaw’s claims.  Cohen stated that he is pleased that the New Jersey Superior Court refused to entertain Mayor Shaw’s meritless application and did not let Shaw’s insincere legal action linger in the courts.

Holley goes on to say, “The dismissal of all of these bogus allegations brought forth by my opponent further confirms what the majority of Roselle residents already know. The Mayor absolutely has no record or agenda to run on. He lacks the courage to face the public, stand on a stage and debate, so he’s reduced to frivolous legal maneuvers and childish advertising. I’m so proud of our campaign for our positive forward thinking messaging and our focus on the issues that matter most to our residents.”

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