Sherrill Fights for Fairness for NJ Businesses In Face of CCP’s Economic Aggression

Sherrill Fights for Fairness for NJ Businesses In Face of CCP’s Economic Aggression



Washington, DC— Representative Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) brought the concerns of New Jersey businesses to the halls of Congress as she questioned witnesses at a hearing last night held by the Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


At the hearing, entitled “Leveling the Playing Field: How to Counter the CCP’s Economic Aggression,” Sherrill focused on how the United States can leverage our economic might and partner with our allies in the Indo-Pacific and Europe to deter rampant illegal dumping and intellectual property theft by the CCP, win the competition for advanced AI technology, and combat the CCP’s “Made In China 2025” industrial policy that seeks to dominate tomorrow’s advanced sectors.


“The long-term anti-competitive actions of China, including forced IP transfers, dumping, illegal subsidies, corporate espionage, and currency manipulation, has made the work of this Committee to ensure American economic competitiveness incredibly timely,” said Rep. Sherrill. “This hearing made clear why we need an overarching economic strategy to counter the CCP by raising the level of official U.S. Commerce Department engagements abroad in order to support business and industry here at home.”


To watch a recording of her remarks and questions, click here.


The witnesses at this hearing included:

  • Eric Schmidt; Founder & Chairman of the Special Competitive Studies Project, former CEO of Google
  • Robert Lighthizer; former United States Trade Representative
  • Roger Robinson; Co-founder and Chairman of the Prague Security Studies Institute



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