SJ For Gaza and INN of SJ Call for Permanent Ceasefire

For immediate release:

South Jersey for Gaza in cooperation with If Not Now South Jersey, is a diverse group of people of conscience, including Jewish Americans, who oppose the Genocide of the Palestinian people which is being committed by Israel and funded by the United States.

We are in agreement with the majority of Americans calling for an immediate ceasefire, polls since October 7th have consistently shown the American people support a ceasefire and humanitarian solutions to the conflict;,escalation%20of%20violence%20in%20Gaza.

Over 30,000 civilians have been murdered with US supplied weapons, appallingly 70% are women and children; this goes far above the “self defense” Israel claims.

SJ for Gaza and INN of SJ are out every Saturday from noon to 2 PM, at the corner of Haddon Ave and Cuthbert Ave, Collingswood, with signs and flyers demanding President Biden, our Congressional representatives, and Senators force Israel to immediately stop its murderous assault on the civilians in Gaza by calling for a permanent ceasefire. The US is complicit in this genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from Gaza. Israel could not carry out this genocide without US military and political support and US taxpayer money.

There is an undemocratic disconnect on the part of our elected officials not carrying out the wishes of the American people for an immediate ceasefire. Only about 22% of congress is calling for a cease fire while the majority of Americans 66% and 80% of Democrats want an immediate ceasefire.

Most in congress, including our NJ Senators, Congress people, such as Rep. Donald Norcross, are compromised by taking money from foreign interest groups like AIPAC and from military contractors, which harms the interests of the American people.

The International Court of Justice has ruled that Israel must stop committing acts of genocide and those supplying political cover and military support (primarily the US) must stop for they are being complicit in genocide in Gaza.

The US stopping financial support for United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the UN’s emergency food program, is collective punishment on the people of Gaza, and is enabling and reinforcing the genocide in Gaza by Israel. That funding must be immediately reinstated.

The press is looking the other way! Why are you not covering the ceasefire movement?

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