So-Called “Elections Transparency Act” is Anything But, says Piperno & Eulner

Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner strongly condemned the Assembly’s passage of S2866 – also known as the “Elections Transparency Act” – since it makes New Jersey’s elections less transparent, more susceptible to corruption, and weakens the integrity of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

“It’s a sad day for New Jersey when our legislators pass a bill that will erode public trust in our government,” said Piperno. “We cannot allow this bill to become law.”

The bill doubles and, in some cases, triples campaign contribution limitations. It also empowers the Governor to unilaterally make four direct appointments to the independent government agency that monitors the integrity of campaign finances in elections in New Jersey.

Additionally, the bill retroactively absolves Democratic Party candidates and committees of more than $800,000 in campaign finance violations.

“Instead of making our campaigns in New Jersey more transparent, the majority party has taken steps to make campaign finance more opaque,” said Eulner. “The majority party is spitting in the face of honest reform efforts by weakening New Jersey’s campaign finance watchdogs. New Jersey deserves better.”

The Monmouth County Legislators were among 30 Assemblymembers who voted against the bill. As both houses have passed the legislation, it will now head to the Governor’s desk for consideration. If he does not sign or veto the bill within 45 days, it will automatically become law.

Added the Assemblywomen, “We strongly urge Governor Phil Murphy to veto this bill.”

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