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Still Not For Sale: Solomon Not Taking Any Campaign Contributions from Jersey City Developers Who Have Gotten Zero Special Tax Deals Downtown Since Solomon Was Elected …After Getting 39(!) Before

Solomon: “Jersey City Must Remain Affordable for Families – Period”

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Today, Council Member James Solomon – who is not taking any campaign contributions from Jersey City developers – unveiled his new plan to make Downtown more affordable for families with a bold plan to protect tenants, triple the number of affordable homes and pass legislation that mandates affordable homes in all new developments. Since taking office, Solomon has taken on developers who for too long were allowed sweetheart deals that led to runaway housing costs and displacement. Prior to Solomon being elected, developers received 39 special tax deals throughout the city. Since then, they’ve gotten none.

Council Member James Solomon said: “Jersey City must remain affordable for families – period. That means building and protecting affordable housing, while at the same time passing tenant protections that actually help people stay in their homes. If Downtown is truly going to remain open for everyone, then our city government must do much more to ensure development benefits every single resident. We need more affordable housing, more housing supply, and better protection for tenants.”

The facts and housing trends downtown show why we need to adopt Solomon’s bold plan:

  • Downtown has roughly 30,000 total units of housing, but only less than 2,000 or those homes – 6%- are affordable. Another 3% are subject to rent control.

  • Under development plans put in place by prior administrations, less than 250 of the units yet to be built will be affordable.

  • In the last ten years, average rent has steadily increased and is now an eye-watering $2,800 for a small studio apartment, and even more for a multi-bedroom unit.

  • These exorbitant prices mean nearly 50% of Jersey City households spend too much on rent, leading to displacement,

We need to strike a better balance between equity and sustainable growth. The Solomon plan will:

  • Pass stronger tenant protections. In 2019, Solomon produced a report detailing a crisis in Jersey City’s rent-control system. Illegal and unethical practices by landlords frequently forced tenants out of their homes. Jersey City must strengthen protections for tenants to prevent this displacement and fund aggressive enforcement to catch bad actors.

  • Triple the number of affordable homes built in downtown Jersey City. By leveraging city-owned land, we can build significantly more homes working people can afford Downtown. In partnership with key neighborhood stakeholders, Solomon will develop a plan to build more affordable housing without a single tax break to developers.

  • Pass a smart, strong new law mandating affordable homes in all new developments. In 2020, Solomon voted against Jersey City’s Inclusionary Zoning Law, which was called “deeply flawed,” by NJ’s top affordable housing advocates. This year, a judge threw that ordinance out as illegal. He is committed to passing a new ordinance with strict rules, and no loopholes, to maximize the amount of affordable housing constructed.

  • Fund a “Housing First” plan to ensure all residents without a home can find permanent supportive housing. Building off the construction of permanent supportive housing at the new St. Lucy’s Homeless shelter, we should develop a Housing First program for Jersey City. Housing First is a nationally recognized approach that focuses on moving individuals and families experiencing homelessness into safe, permanent housing as soon as possible, and then providing supportive services to help them remain in their homes. Study after study has shown that this approach is the most effective and humane solution to homelessness.

Read the full plan HERE and below:

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