Somerset County Democrats’ annual “Comedy and Cocktails” Fundraiser

The Somerset County Democrats held their annual “Comedy and Cocktails” fundraiser on April 18 at the Bridgewater Manor. Chair Peg Schaffer emceed the event, hosted by comedian Joey Novick and headlined by comedian Steve Shaffer. The event also featured our annual “Funniest Politician” contest, which Former Senate President and Gubernatorial candidate Steve Sweeney won handily.

“After an intense start to the Democratic primary season, it was important to bring our party back together with humour,” Schaffer said. “Comedy and Cocktails is a premier event that continues to grow each year. With my friend Steve Sweeney having won, I look forward to next year’s primary season, where candidates from around the State will work to take his title.” Schaffer added, “The county’s gubernatorial endorsement will consider humour and stage presence.”

This year’s funniest politician contest featured State and County elected officials and candidates like Steve Sweeney, Sue Altman, Senator Zwicker, Senator Bob Smith, Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, Commissioner Director Shanel Robinson, Commissioner Deputy Director Sara Sooy, Commissioner Paul Drake, Commissioner Douglas Singleterry, Former Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Murphy, Manville Chair Roberta Walters, Somerville Chair and New Jersey Federation of Democratic Women President Margaret Weinberger, and Bridgewater Chair Dan Zelinski. This year’s performances were better than ever, including science jokes, a few off-color remarks, some anti-line jokes, and a few roasts of the Chair, all in good fun. “We expect all competitors to up their game next year,” said Schaffer.

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