Somerset County Democrats’ annual “Comedy and Cocktails” Fundraiser

The Somerset County Democrats held their annual “Comedy and Cocktails” Fundraiser event on February 22nd at the Imperia in Somerset, with well over 100 people on hand. The event was headlined by comedian Michael Morse, and featured our annual “Funniest Politician” contest, won this year by Darrin Russo.

“After a year in which Democrats carried this county for President, it was important to get back to work and start the year strong,” chairwoman Peg Schaffer said. “We usually hold this event a little later, but we wanted to get everyone back together in an enjoyable, funny setting,” the chairwoman said. “We drew a strong crowd of elected officials from this county and beyond, and had a very strong presence of our local committee people,” Schaffer said. “Everybody enjoys a good night of laughing.”

This year’s funniest politician drew elected leaders like Somerville Council President Steve Peter, Franklin Councilwoman Shanel Robinson, Franklin Mayor Phil Kramer, North Plainfield Councilwoman Keiona Miller, New Jersey PBA President Pat Colligan, Bound Brook Councilman Tony Pranzatelli, 17th Legislative District Assemblyman Joe Danielsen and 16th Legislative District Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker that represent the county, but it also attracted elected leaders from outside. Former Edison Mayor Jun Choi and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji were among the lawmakers from outside of the county who traveled in to compete in the contest. This year was one of the best attended “Funniest Politician” contests the county party has hosted to date.

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