Parsippany Mayoral Candidate Michael Soriano Announces Candidates for Township Council

Parsippany mayoral candidate Michael Soriano, who announced his candidacy last month, is proud to announce his slate of Township Council candidates for the 2017 election.  Soriano will run with businesswoman Janice McCarthy and small business owner Emily Peterson.

Janice McCarthy spent a career in private sector finance working for Fortune 500 companies, including ADP as Director of Finance and Ingersoll Rand as Director of Budget and Planning. She also served in managing the budget operation at Montclair State University. Her many years of private and public sector budgeting experience will be an asset to the township’s fiscal processes. Running to bring back bi-partisan government, McCarthy believes Parsippany deserves a Mayor and Township Council working effectively together to maintain our infrastructure, deliver quality services, preserve our environment, control development, and do it in a fiscally responsible manner.

Emily Peterson is a small business owner and adjunct professor at New York University who knows what it’s like to meet deadlines and balance a tight budget every day. She understands what it will take to develop Parsippany’s economy and build a base of small businesses to increase ratables. Standing firm on the belief that taxpayers’ money should be put to better use in providing for the people of Parsippany, she recognizes that controlling spending is one of the most important responsibilities the Township Council and administration have.

With this announcement, a different tone is set for the future of Parsippany’s fiscal planning. Janice McCarthy noted, “I know there is a more productive and beneficial way to spend a million dollars of taxpayers’ money than paying attorney’s fees for a failed lawsuit.” This kind of thinking is exactly what Parsippany needs in order to fully serve the people of this community. Both Peterson and McCarthy understand this, and are proud to partner with Michael Soriano in order to make this philosophy a reality.

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