Sotomayer Einstein: Eminent Domain Abuse Debate Announced for Wednesday August 28th 7pm at Our Lady of Grace School



Hoboken – Community advocate, Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, has announced the date, time, and location for the debate over Mayor Bhalla’s eminent domain abuse. The auditorium at Our Lady of Grace School located at 422 Willow Ave will host the forum at 7pm to be moderated by Peter Biancamano, host of Hudson County’s most watched local focused show, “The Pulse with Peter B”. Residents of Hoboken are encouraged to attend and participate in the audience question portion of the debate to delve deeper into the issue. Donations will be accepted at the door for the Center St Block Association, a residential Jersey City neighborhood going through its own eminent domain abuse battle.

Referencing Hoboken Mayor Bhalla’s statement that NY Waterway will keep their legally owned land “over my dead body,” Einstein stated, “it is the hope of many across our mile square that our honorable mayor would engage the public on the very topic he has committed his life to, instead it appears he seems to have sent a politically appointed partisan, James Sanford, to do his bidding.” He continued, “despite being elected by a minority of voters, our mayor has inexplicably refused to dialogue openly and honestly with the majority of our town. Staged special interest protest politics in which facts are manipulated or altogether ignored may be good messaging but they are bad for our universal individual rights, bad for the budget, and bad for Hoboken. Nonetheless, the people of our town deserve to hear our honorable mayor defend why stealing another’s property is okay when he does it and why spending tens of millions of dollars on parks are a more important priority than our failing infrastructure, empty storefronts, rising cost of living, and the myriad of other issues facing the city.”

Those seeking more than sound bite driven constant campaigning, who understand that the vilification of dissent from the “official perspective” is a bad for democracy and community, and that want to explore the ramification of eminent domain abuse are encouraged to attend. Einstein said that, “I doubt he will, but I hope our honorable mayor shows up – the people deserve more than the counterfactual triangulated talking point’s he has bombarded us with.” He continued, “regardless of which political lieutenant, whether Sanford or another Bhalla land loyalist, he sends to attempt to make the case he refuses to, I will proudly defend the rights of everyone, from NY Waterway to the residents of the Center St neighborhood in Jersey City, against the government’s ability to unilaterally declare private property its own.”

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