Only County Slate to Receive Backing

(BRIDGETON, NJ) – Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency and his running mates Donna M. Pearson and Tracy Wells-Huggins today announced the endorsement of the South Jersey Progressive Democrats, the leading voice for progressives in the region.

“Jack Surrency, Donna Pearson and Tracey Wells-Huggins embody the values South Jersey needs in leadership positions across our region,” said Kate Delany, president, South Jersey Progressive Democrats. “The platform of these freeholder candidates prioritizes residents’ access to healthcare, to transportation, to jobs.”

​South Jersey Progressive Democrats (SJPD) are a grassroots organization, founded in 2017, and grew to provide a well-organized county-wide challenge to the Democratic machine candidates in 2019. The SJPD has been successful in building progressive coalitions across New Jersey. By identifying candidates for endorsement, the group is continuing the work of restoring democracy to New Jersey.

“Whether it’s government accountability or access to economic opportunities, we fight for the same fights as our brothers and sisters in the progressive movement,” said Freeholder Jack Surrency (D-Bridgeton). “The endorsement of the SJPD is a particular point of pride for us.”

“The South Jersey Progressive Democrats are the standard for what it means to fight for working families, keep government in-check, and speak truth to power.” said Donna M. Pearson, a former freeholder.

“I’ve spent my whole life fighting for social justice,” said Tracy Wells-Huggins, a Registered Nurse and juvenile justice advocate. “It’s so refreshing to have an organization backing you that shares those same values.”

“We need leaders like Jack, Donna and Tracey, who will reject insider politics and call out corruption, who will not surrender their independent voice or judgement because their commitment is to the well-being of their community,” said Delany, who also serves as the Collingswood Democratic Municipal Chair.

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