Statement by Kimberly Nix on Mayor Mahr’s Campaign Piece

                                Statement by Kimberly Nix

I am an elected Scotch Plains Democratic Committeewoman and a community activist who is in the practice of speaking up for myself, so I am very disappointed by the actions of acting Union County Democratic Chair Colleen Mahr.

I have endorsed Senator Nick Scutari for Union County Democratic Chair. So, you can imagine my surprise when I found that Ms. Mahr had sent a paid campaign piece of literature to fellow committee members suggesting that I endorsed her. Far from it.

Our Union County Democratic Chair has to be someone who has earned people’s trust. But if this is any indication of what kind of chair she will be, she has not earned mine! Given Ms. Mahr’s misleading campaign and blatant disregard to the Democratic Committee’s bylaws, we think everyone should reconsider their support. These are not our Democratic values!

As a community activist and a lifelong Democrat, I am proudly on Team Nick. He will be the kind of leader who follows the rules and earns people’s trust as he has earned mine.  I urge all of my friends and fellow committee members to come out and support Nick Scutari for Democratic Chair.


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