Statement from Patti Page, Chair of Morris County Republican Committee

Statement from Patti Page, Chair of Morris County Republican Committee

“It appears that the disgusting and cruel vitrol that was disgustingly on display and inexcusably directed at women at the White House Correspondent’s dinner has made its way to Morris County politics. The uncalled for and low blow depths that Mikie Sherrill and her campaign have fallen to, when using Jay Webber’s four daughters in a heinous political smear campaign against their father, is beyond disgraceful.”

Page continued: “I have known Jay Webber for over fifteen years and rarely have I come across a man of greater principle both as a professional and a family man. He and his wife Johanna are role model parents, raising 7 wonderful children while setting incredible examples of public service and a hard work ethic.

Jay has actually created jobs for women. Lots of women. Has Mikie Sherrill? He actually has worked hard to provide battered women shelters for those that need them and has created legislation to keep sexual predators out of schools. The schools where women drop their kids off every day, trusting that they will remain safe and protected. As an attorney, he has represented women who suffered discrimination in the workplace. What has Mikie Sherrill done other than throw out sound bites that create panic, igniting gender politics based on false narratives.

I’m a woman, a mom, a grandmother and the proud Chair of the Morris County Republican Committee. I demand an immediate apology from Mikie Sherrill and her campaign and I encourage all women to see through the false cloud of smog that is constantly being put out by the left and the media.

I call on all democratic candidates running in Morris County this year to repudiate Mikie Sherrill’s hateful attacks. If you want a true champion of all women, I urge all voters to come out and support Jay Webber for Congress.”

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