Statement by Senator Troy Singleton in Support of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Statement by Senator Troy Singleton in Support of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Senator is “disappointed” and “incensed” by Alabama’s new abortion law

Trenton – The following is a statement by Senator Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) in response to the recent passage of the “Alabama Human Life Protection Act,” which is considered the most restrictive abortion law in the nation:

“I was deeply disappointed and frankly incensed at the recent decision by the state of Alabama to insert itself on the abortion issue. Throughout my time in the Legislature, I have advocated strongly for women and their reproductive rights.

“As such, I firmly believe that our government should not be imposing new limits or restrictions on reproductive freedoms. When it comes to important personal and health decisions in life, it is vital that a woman be able to make these decisions for herself, based on what is best for her and her family.

“While I do not consider myself pro-abortion in any way, I am unabashedly pro-choice. This means that I do not advocate for women to have abortions, but that I do strongly believe that the choice as to whether or not that happens rests with the woman faced with that monumental decision.

“I think that all of us can agree that abortion should be rare. I think we better accomplish that goal by ensuring that we provide comprehensive sex education, as well as accurate information and readily available contraception.

“Lastly, I subscribe to the belief that we must ensure that a woman can determine when and whether to have children according to her own conscience, personal circumstances, and religious beliefs – and without governmental interference or influence.”

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