Stateside Affairs Recognized as Finalist for a 2021 Reed Award

Stateside Affairs Recognized as Finalist for a 2021 Reed Award!



Stateside Affairs is proud to be recognized as a Finalist in the 2021 Reed Awards! We are being considered for Best Online Video Series (Democratic) and we earned this recognition alongside Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina for the production of her video podcast series, Activista Rise Up.


As a political refugee herself, Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina hopes to bring positive and constructive dialogue to our political and social discourse through Activista Rise Up. The series aims to amplify the voice of people who are actively advocating for human rights while building a constructive movement for economic and racial justice in the United States. Every episode highlights activists’ efforts to build political power through social justice activism, from Black Lives Matter, to immigrant justice, anti-Asian Hate to engagement of voters of color. Activista Rise Up, a forum for activists by activists, has played a pivotal role in amplifying the voices of a new wave of political and social influencers to create substantive policy changes. The series is available on Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina’s social media, as well as Spotify and other podcast platforms.




Known as “The most exacting awards in political campaigns & advocacy,” the Reed Awards & Conference is produced by Campaigns & Elections, the journal of the political campaign industry. C&E, a national organization founded in 1980, is the go-to resource for political consultants, with its focus on the latest tools, tactics, techniques, technologies & strategies in campaigns.


We’re looking forward to when the winners will be announced

on May 13th on the Campaigns & Elections website.


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